The captain of the Asian Games 3×3 men’s team, Son Seong-jin, is confident of a gold medal challenge.

The 19th Hangzhou Asian Games Men’s 3×3 Team convened at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village on 1 January and is in full training mode for its second week.

The team is captained by Hyundai Mobis’ Son Si-jin. As the eldest of the four players on the squad, he has taken on the pivotal role of captain as well as a key ball-handler. “I’ve been playing basketball for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve played the role of captain. “I was the youngest in my team, but I’m the oldest here, and I know I have to play my role well as the oldest. I am looking forward to experiencing the 3×3 national team and becoming more mature as a person.” He responded positively.바카라

When asked how he has spent his time in Jincheon, he said, “It’s been about a week since I joined the team, and I think I’ve been studying a lot about 3×3 in the past week. I’m still very unfamiliar with 3×3, but I think I should continue to watch videos and study to get closer to 3×3.” “It’s also my first time living in a camp while playing basketball. When I moved in on the first day, it was difficult to adapt, but thanks to the help of the coach and my trainer brother, I am adapting well without any problems. I also get a lot of motivation from watching athletes from other sports work out in the weight room. I’m learning a lot,” he said.

Signing is the only resource in the national team that can play the role of main ball handler. He will have to fulfil the role that Kim Nak-hyun played five years ago at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang.

“Five years ago at the Asian Games, I enjoyed watching my brothers’ games on TV, but it’s not the same anymore (laughs). That’s why I’m going to watch their videos at least once more.” “On the court, I have to be a boy leader. Of course, offence is important and defence is important, but I think it’s important to bring the team together and communicate. I realised that communication is just as important in 3×3 as it is in 5-on-5 basketball. Even players who play for strong teams talk a lot. It’s a different environment from 5-on-5 basketball, and there are many unfamiliar things, so I’m going to try to keep myself calm and talk to my teammates,” he said.

Due to the age restrictions at the Asian Games, the team was made up of players of similar ages. Coincidentally, all four players have gone on to become professional athletes through their respective age groups, and have even earned their Taekwondo marks. “I’m one year older than Lee Won-seok and Lee Doo-won, and three years older than Kim Dong-hyun. But when I live with my brothers in the athletes’ village, I don’t feel like we are the same generation. They’re more like MZ (laughs). I feel that a lot with (Kim) Tae Wan-yi in the team, and it’s the same here.” “They don’t lie in interviews. My brothers are good listeners and they’re all nice. So I try to approach them comfortably. I’m looking forward to the actual competition because we can talk well,” he said.

Winning a gold medal at the Asian Games means that instead of serving in the army, the athlete will be transferred to the sports staff, which is equivalent to an exemption from military service. “People around me are telling me that this is the last chance to be exempted from military service. I’m not looking for a military exemption, but it’s an important position to represent my country, so I have to do my best to perform well. I will start training in earnest now, and I will try to focus well and live up to the expectations of the fans. The goal is definitely gold,” he said.

The 19th Hangzhou Asian Games 3×3, which will see the KBL Young Guns quartet join Kim Nak-hyun, Yang Hong-seok, Park In-tae and Ahn Young-joon in their quest for gold five years ago, will take place at the Duching Geographic Information Park in Huzhou, a city near Hangzhou, from 1-6 October, with the high-profile groupings and match schedules yet to be announced.

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