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An increasing number of high school students are heading to the United States to pursue their major league dreams. Seoul High School pitcher Lee Chansol, who signed with the Boston Red Sox, is one of them, and the Red Sox have already started pampering him in case he gets injured.
Reporter Hanjun Kim reports.

Lee Chansol is training with his teammates.

But even though he’s a pitcher, he’s not throwing the ball himself.

That’s because the Boston Red Sox have given him special instructions not to throw the ball for the time being, in case he gets injured.

바카라사이트 Interview: Lee Chansol / Boston Pitcher

  • “I was preparing well, but when I heard that I couldn’t play (the remaining domestic games), I was very disappointed. It was because they thought of me….”

Following Boston’s advice, Lee added a splitter to his fastball, which reaches up to 156km/h, and is ready for the big leagues.

▶ Interview: Chan-Sol Lee / Boston Pitcher

  • “A pitcher who can cook hitters with his fastball…. That’s how confident I am and that’s my dream.”

He also vowed to compete with his peers, including LA Dodgers’ Jang Hyun-seok and Pittsburgh’s Shim Jun-seok.

Interview: Chan-Sol Lee / Boston Pitcher

  • “Some of the players I’m going up against may not be as good as me, so I’m sure I’ll hear some bad things, but I’ll use it as motivation….”

Lee Chansol, who chose to stay in Korea and work his way up from the bottom, says he’s determined to become a big league pitcher.

▶ Interview: Chan-Sol Lee / Boston Pitcher

  • “I will do my best to become the envy of everyone. Go for it!”

This is MBN News’ Kim Han-joon.

Reporting by Bae Byeong-min, Editing by Oh Kwang-hwan

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