Jose Ramirez’s (Cleveland Indians) suspension for brawling during a Major League Baseball (MLB) game has been reduced.

Ramirez’s suspension has been reduced from three games to two, ESPN reported on Wednesday.

A brawl broke out during a game between Cleveland and the Chicago White Sox on 6 June.

Ramirez and White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson were the instigators.

Ramirez doubled with one out in the sixth inning with Cleveland trailing 5-0. After sliding into second base on a head-first slide, Ramirez got into a fistfight with Anderson, who had dropped into second base coverage.온라인바카라

They raised their fists in a boxing stance and punched each other. Players from both teams ran onto the field, leading to a bench-clearing brawl, and the managers exchanged words.

Six players were ejected from the game.

The MLB Office of the Commissioner issued a slew of disciplinary actions against players, managers, and coaches involved in the brawl on 8 August. Ramirez, who threw the first punch, was suspended for six games and Ramirez was suspended for three games.

Ramirez’s suspension was reduced to two games while both appealed.

Ramirez, who was eligible to play against the Tampa Bay Rays on the 12th, will be suspended for the next 14 games.

Anderson, meanwhile, is still awaiting the outcome of his appeal.

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