Kylian Mbappe will not be able to move to Real Madrid if he signs an extended contract with PSG this season, according to reports.카지노

Mbappe joined PSG’s first-team training on Thursday (July 14), with the club announcing his return on the club’s official social media accounts. “After a very constructive and positive discussion between PSG and Mbappe, he returned to training this morning,” the club said of Mbappe’s return.

It was an abrupt turn of events. Mbappe and PSG have been at loggerheads since the start of this summer’s transfer window, with the player surprising many soccer fans with his departure and stay at the club, with the prevailing opinion being that he would either leave or be cut out of the team’s plans entirely.

Mbappe made headlines this summer when he announced his plans to leave PSG. Mbappe’s plan is to leave PSG on a free transfer. After revealing that he has no intention of signing an extension with the club, he has indicated that he will play for PSG until the 2023/24 season and then leave the club after his contract expires.

PSG have taken the opposite approach. Originally, PSG held on to Mbappe ahead of the 2022/23 season after being swayed by Real’s offer, but in the current transfer window, they were ready to sell after Mbappe made it clear that he was not willing to extend his contract.

But Mbappe was adamant. He only wanted to leave on a free transfer. According to European soccer transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano, Saudi Arabian club Al-Hilal reportedly offered €300 million in transfer fees and €700 million in salary for Mbappe. However, Mbappe refused to negotiate and chose not to move to Saudi Arabia.

He later turned down Barcelona as well. According to Spanish outlet Marca, “Barcelona had decided to try and make a huge bomb offer to sign Mbappe. They were convinced that they would be able to pull it off with their most valuable asset in a situation they could not afford financially. According to reports, “Barcelona have put Ousmane Dembele, Pablo Gabi and Zafinha on the table,” and Barcelona made an offer to lure Mbappe away from PSG that included the club’s top prospect Gabi in exchange for a transfer fee, an offer that was quickly rejected by Mbappe.

Real were the only remaining destination, but they were not at all enthusiastic about the idea of signing him as a free agent after the 2023/24 season, further burning PSG’s bridges.

PSG left their biggest star, Mbappe, out of their Asian tour to Japan and South Korea, and recently removed his face from all of their promotional posters and website.

Some local French media outlets reported that PSG could take stronger measures, such as banning Mbappe from first-team training, excluding him from selection, and removing him from the UEFA Champions League roster, if he didn’t leave the team, and indeed PSG did exclude him from first-team training and the opening match against Lorient.

Mbappe didn’t react well to these measures. According to global sports outlet ESPN, “Mbappe trained with other PSG players who did not make the roster for the Asia tour. Mbappe trained with other players not included in Luis Enrique’s plans, such as Leandro Paredes and Georginio Wijnaldum. The source said that “he seemed happy and not worried about the situation,” and Mbappe himself took to social media to post a picture of himself having fun after training with the second team.

Mbappe’s announcement left PSG fans nervous, with some suggesting that the club would be willing to sit him out for the entire season.

However, PSG’s announcement marks a dramatic reconciliation between Mbappe and the club, and he will remain the centerpiece of PSG’s lineup for the rest of the season. Other clubs, including Real, will have to wait at least one more season.

The reconciliation was the work of PSG and coach Luis Enrique. French media outlets recently reported that “Mbappe, who has been sanctioned by PSG for the past few weeks, did not even play in the league opener, but relations between the two parties have been trending towards reconciliation in recent hours. PSG is trying to turn the situation around in any case,” adding that PSG took the initiative to reconcile.

As for Enrique, he tried to convince Mbappe to return internally. “Initially, Enrique publicly stated that he supported the management’s decision, but he nevertheless pushed internally for Mbappe’s return to the first team,” said French outlet L’Equipe. From the sidelines, Enrique strongly expressed the fact that he could provide more solutions for Mbappe and provide the forward pressure that PSG lacked against Lorient. “I have high hopes for Mbappe and Dembele,” he said of Enrique’s efforts.

Against this backdrop, claims have emerged in Spanish media about how Real, who were thought to be Mbappe’s only destination, view his decision to stay.

“The history between Mbappe, Real and PSG is like the heat of summer,” Spanish outlet Relevo reported on Saturday (July 16).

“Nothing is closed yet. Mbappe was recently close to agreeing to stay with PSG until 2024, and he is said to have given up most of his bonuses and will not renew his contract. Therefore, Mbappe will keep his word. He has reiterated that he will honor his contract with PSG and remain with the club until next summer.”

“Mbappe does not want to live in suspense ahead of UEFA Euro 2024 and the Paris Olympics. Moreover, the club had designed the squad with his preferred teammates, apart from Neymar and Lionel Messi, so he felt it was a conciliatory gesture from the club. Mbappe’s plan is still to return to Real next year,” he added, explaining that his departure this season was a combination of external and internal factors.

Real also emphasized that they are not willing to negotiate with Mbappe if he wants to extend his contract. “Real have no chance of signing Mbappe in 2024 if PSG and Mbappe re-sign, they only want to negotiate with Mbappe and not with PSG,” the source said.

However, PSG’s position is slightly different. “PSG still have faith in Mbappe to re-sign,” the outlet said. They are confident they can convince Mbappe to sign a new contract beyond 2024 if they have a successful season this season,” suggesting that a successful season could be enough to hold on to him.

Meanwhile, reports have already emerged that Mbappe will not be signing an extension with PSG as part of his return to training, but will instead leave on a free transfer via a bonus waiver.

According to French outlet L’Equipe, “Mbappe’s return to PSG is not unrelated to his promise not to leave on a free transfer. However, his return to the first team is not related to a contract extension. This has long been a balance between the player and the club, and was not even mentioned when relations between the two improved last week,” he said, adding that the return does not immediately translate into a contract extension.

“Mbappe could have waited until September and used the fact that PSG struggled in attack in his absence to push Enrique for his return, but he wanted to play again as soon as possible, at any cost, and he had to give up a large part of his bonus,” the source added, explaining that Mbappe did not wait until the circumstances were in his favor to make his return, even including his personal bonus.

As for what Mbappe gave up, the outlet said: “The agreement reached in the course of this return suggests that Mbappe gave up some of it for something to ensure that PSG would not be completely out of pocket if he left the club after this season. The club is confident that Mbappe has reached an agreement in principle to ensure that PSG is not penalized. “Mbappe probably believes that giving up a large part of his bonus for next season is an appropriate option, which could save PSG up to €150 million,” the club said, suggesting that giving up a large bonus would have been the price of his return.

Mbappe’s known bonuses are far more substantial than L’Equipe’s. According to Spanish outlet Cadena Ser, Mbappe was promised a signing bonus of €180 million ($258.3 million) in three installments when he signed an extension ahead of the 2022/23 season. He also received €70 million ($100.4 million) in royalties in the first year, €80 million ($114.8 million) this year, and another €90 million ($129.1 million) through 2024.

PSG demanded that Mbappe give up at least some of this as a condition of his return, which he apparently agreed to.

Ultimately, Mbappe’s decision to waive his bonus has increased the likelihood that he will leave PSG for Real in free agency next season, and the contract and extension surrounding PSG, Real, and Mbappe will continue to be a topic of interest until the end of the season.

Photo via AFP, EPA, Reuters/Yonhap, PSG official website, Twitter

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