‘Monster defender’ Kim Min-jae, 26, has received rave reviews from Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel.

In an interview with the Bundesliga press office on Sunday (ET),스포츠토토 Tuchel was full of praise when asked, “What was your first day with Kim Min-jae, what kind of person is he, what do you expect from him?”

“I love him,” Tuchel said. He’s very calm, very direct. His expression, his perception, his game,” Tuchel said. “A pass is a pass is a pass. It’s not a fancy pass, it’s an inside pass with the inside of the foot. The first touch is control, the second touch is passing. The speed is appropriate, not too hard, not too slow. It’s not bouncing, it’s not fancy,” he added.

“It’s good that he has the ability to pass, because that’s exactly what you want in a build-up player. Above all, his defense is very brave: he is fast, always looking over his shoulder to see where he can help. This time he helps the left back, the next time the right center back. It’s a joy,” he explained.

He added: “In my coaching career, I’ve had two Korean players so far. Kim Min-jae is exactly the same (as Park Joo-ho). He is so disciplined, kind, humble and clear. So I have a very good impression of him so far.”

Kim Min-jae has been described as Tuchel’s “dream defender”. Tuchel was on hand to greet Kim when he first arrived at training in Munich on March 20. After an intense hug, Tuchel said, “I’m really happy to see you. I’m so happy for you. You will do really well. I’m sure,” and welcomed Kim Min-jae. Mr. Tuchel had a smile on his face, like an overjoyed child. It was clear from the moment they met how much Tuchel wanted Kim Min-jae.

AFP Yonhap
Tuchel even tried to win Kim’s heart through a video call. “Tuchel spoke to Kim personally,” said the Munich Mercury, a local newspaper in Munich, Germany. He asked him to come to Bayern from Napoli. Tuchel has always held Korean players in high regard. His favorite pupil at Mainz was Park Joo-ho. The interesting thing is that Kim Min-jae also got information about Tuchel from Park Joo-ho,” he says, highlighting the deep connection between Tuchel and Korean players.

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