“He’s a great player, and I want to emulate his consistency.토토사이트

It’s still too early to tell if Hanwha outfielder Roh Si-hwan (23) will win the home run title. There is a seven-homer gap between Noh, who has 28 through 17 days, and Choi, who has 21, but the regular season is still two months away. Moreover, Choi has a lot of experience as a home run king, and he’s good at driving in runs. While Noh has been dominant of late, Choi could make a late charge if his pace picks up.

Crucially, Noh will be away for the Hangzhou Asian Games, which begin in late September. He will be away from Hanwha for at least two weeks. Choi, on the other hand, will not be with the national team. It will be interesting to see if Choi can catch up during this time. “I don’t really care about home runs,” Noh said before the Changwon NC game on Sunday.

He is determined to put both his 40-homer pace and his first home run title in the back of his mind and run toward a Hanwha victory and a top-five finish. However, Noh made it clear that he has a lot of respect and admiration for Choi Jeong.

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“I think Choi Jung is a great player. He plays consistently at third base without any injuries. You can’t play baseball without injuries. He’s been playing steadily for decades. I couldn’t play last year and the year before because of injuries.”

In fact, Choi has had 10 seasons with more than 120 games played since his debut in 2005. In his mid-to-late 30s, he played more than 130 games for three consecutive years from 2019 to 2021. This is impossible without thorough body management and skill.

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It’s not often noted, but Choi hit double-digit home runs for 18 consecutive years from 2006, his second year in the league, until this year. Many people think that 10 home runs is a given for Choi. However, not everyone can do it. He is now 17 homers shy of becoming the first right-handed hitter in the KBO to reach 450 and 17 shy of Doosan’s Lee Seung-yeop (467), so he could become the KBO’s all-time leader in homers by next year at the earliest.

For Noh Si-hwan, who has just emerged this year, Choi is an incomparable senior. Since they are the same third baseman, Noh can’t help but look up to Choi. He said that he watches Choi’s batting and takes a lot of inspiration from it.

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“Choi Jung is someone I want to emulate,” he said, “In fact, last year, when my baseball wasn’t going well, I went to him and asked him. My brother Noh Soo-kwang (Hanwha) played for SSG and introduced me to him, and he told me a lot of things. He told me what to do when things don’t go well.”

Noh and Choi have very different hitting mechanics. However, their goal of becoming home run hitters is the same. “The mechanics are different, but I’m referring to them a lot,” said Noh. I look at timing, pitch count battles, etc. I’m not there yet, but I need to become a home run hitter.”

Choi’s fierce swing/MyDaily

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