The Pohang Steelers are looking stronger as they head into the second half of the 2023 season. There is a synergy between the resurgence of underperforming players, the dedication of existing players, and the excitement of newly signed players.온라인바카라

We could feel this synergy in the Daejeon Hana game on the 20th. The player who announced the resurgence on that day was ‘Speed Racer’ Kim In-sung. Kim In-sung, who switched to Pohang from Seoul Eland this season, hadn’t been able to fully exploit his strength, which is his speed. He was in and out of the starting line-up, and his only assist came against Seoul on 4 August, more than four months after his last appearance against Seoul on 15 April. Against Daejeon, however, he played to his strengths, most notably in the 31st minute of the second half when he set up the third goal with a 2-0 lead. After breaking down the right flank, Kim sent a sensational cross to Munjeon, and the ball bounced off the head of Baek Sung-dong and into the path of Kim Seung-dae, who slotted home a non-stop right-footed shot. Kim In-sung was also actively involved in the defence to stop his speedy opponent Kim In-gyun.

Kim Seung-dae. Photo=Korean Football Association
Of the existing players, the sacrifice of ‘Captain’ Kim Seung-dae stood out. Kim is playing as well as he ever has. Against Daejeon, he showed off his tireless stamina, scoring a goal and two assists to lead his team to a 4-3 victory. Most notably, just before the end of the game when the score was tied at 3-3 due to a 3-0 lead and Thiago (Daejeon Hana) scoring a hat-trick, he sent a sharp cross from the left flank to Hong Yun-sang for the winning goal. Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong said, “Kim Seung-dae gave his all in defence and attack. As captain, he is leading the players well. I think the team is in a good position because he is doing so well.”

Hong Yun-sang. Photo=Korean Football Association
The presence of Hong Yun-sang, who has returned to ‘Chinjeong’ after gaining experience in Germany, has also boosted Pohang’s performance. He came on in the 35th minute of the second leg against Daejeon, replacing Ko Young-jun (injured), with the score 3-1. He scored a theatrical goal on his Pohang debut with a celestial header just before the end of the match as the effect of his substitution had been negated by the two goals conceded by the opposition. Hong Yun-sang, who is not yet 100 per cent fit, said: “I was hoping for a performance that would help the team more than a goal. I’m not satisfied because I haven’t played well yet,” he said, adding, “No matter who you look at, you say, ‘That player is really good. I won’t be satisfied until someone says, ‘He’s really good, he’s worthy of Europe again’.”

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