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Heavy rain prevented them from making it to the end, but in the end, the third attempt was also a failure. The LG Twins were the only barrier for KT Wiz foreign ace William Cuevas. KT manager Lee Kang-cheol was tongue-in-cheek when LG batters turned Cuevas’ pitches into hits.

Cuevas started a home game against LG at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on May 5 and gave up four runs on seven hits (one home run) and two walks in three innings. Cuevas had only thrown 56 pitches when a 104-minute rain delay with his team trailing 2-4 in the top of the fourth inning forced him to leave the game.

Once again, he was unsuccessful. Cuevas returned as a replacement for Bo Schuler, who had won eight straight starts and 12 games. KT was also 10-2 when Cuevas was on the mound. Coincidentally, both losses came against LG. Cuevas didn’t take a loss, but LG didn’t fare well. On July 6, he gave up four runs on seven hits and two walks with three strikeouts in five innings in a 7-8 loss in Jamsil, and on July 27, he gave up six runs on seven hits and two walks in three innings in a 6-9 loss in Suwon. In the third game of the series, he was finally overmatched by LG batters.

Cuevas threw 25 fastballs on the day, topping out at 148 mph, with 18 cutters, 온라인바카라 seven sliders and six changeups. Of the seven hits, three were fastballs, including Moon’s solo shot, and he allowed two cutters and one each of a changeup and slider. All of Cuevas’ pitches went for hits.

Cuevas has faced all nine teams and the only two teams he hasn’t won against are LG and NC. Excluding LG, he is 8-0 with a 1.60 ERA and a 1.9 WHIP. However, LG is winless with an 11.45 ERA and a 4.22 ERA. That’s a huge difference.

“They were throwing changeups, cutters, and sliders. They hit it so well, like LG players know how to hit it.” “It could be because he throws more cutters than changeups against left-handed hitters. But it’s too good,” he said. He even joked, “Next time, I’ll use him in the bullpen instead of as a starter.”

Although he is a ‘winning pitcher’ who raised KT, he is strangely weak against LG. He is even more worried because he is weak against LG, which is ranked first.

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