Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who has been with the Korean national team for six months, has been nominated as the next coach of the German national team.스포츠토토 The German Football Association made the shocking decision to dismiss its first coach in 123 years. What choice Germany will make is emerging as a major concern.

Coach Hansi Flick gained leadership experience as the head coach of the German national team. He served as a coach by assisting coach Joachim Low until the FIFA World Cup in Brazil and contributed to winning the World Cup. Afterwards, he served as general manager of the German Football Association and joined Bayern Munich as coach in 2019. In 2019, coach Niko Kovac was sacked due to poor performance and took over as head coach of Bayern Munich.

In his first season, coach Flick surprised the whole of Europe by winning trophies in the German Bundesliga, DFB Pokal, and UEFA Champions League. The prevailing opinion was that his solid leadership experience from the bottom up led him to the treble. Afterwards, they swept all trophies that year, successfully achieving 6 trophies since Barcelona under Pep Guardiola.

After his time at Bayern Munich ended, he was called up to the German national team. However, his performance with the German national team was unstable. The 2022 Qatar World Cup was the worst. The World Cup European qualifiers were good, but the preparation and process leading up to the finals were not good. At the Qatar World Cup, they had 1 win, 1 draw, and 1 loss, and suffered the humiliation of being eliminated from the group stage again following the Russia World Cup. The come-from-behind defeat against Japan was fatal.

The poor performance at the World Cup continued into the UEFA Nations League. Because they were a winning team, they got results, but their performance was not good. In Germany, public opinion boiled over that coach Flick should be sacked ahead of Euro 2024, which will be held in the country. Even in evaluation matches against countries outside of Europe, no solution was found.

The friendly match against Japan held at home was decisive. Germany lost 1-4 in a friendly match against Japan held during the international match week in September. After allowing the first goal to Japan, Germany balanced the score with an equalizer, but later collapsed due to consecutive goals. It was the first time Germany lost by three points against an Asian country. It was a moment when we still couldn’t escape from the nightmare of the Qatar World Cup.

The match was similar to the Qatar World Cup. Although he had a high ball possession rate, he was unable to score a goal. Japan shook Germany with sharp counterattacks and constantly harassed them. As a result, Germany conceded a goal to Junya Ito 11 minutes after the kick-off whistle. Leroy Sane’s equalizer in the 19th minute leveled the scores, but that was the end. Three minutes after the equalizer, Ayase Ueda gave up the second goal and gave Japan the momentum.

Since it was urgent, I tried to make a change with a replacement card. However, Director Flick’s mercenary tactics were not effective. On this day, Germany had only 3 effective shots out of 11. It was a series of frustrating attacks. On the contrary, Japan put pressure on Germany with 11 effective shots. This is why they gave up a key goal to Takuma Asano in the 45th minute of the second half and an additional goal to Ao Tanaka in extra time of the second half.

In the end, the German Football Federation (DFB) announced on its official page, “Following the proposal of Association President Bernd Neuendorf, the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Supervisory Committee decided to terminate the contracts with national team coach Flick and two coaches.”

“Our committee agreed that the national team needed new impetus after recent disappointing results and needed confidence ahead of the UEFA Euros in their home country,” said Neuendorf. “This has been the most difficult decision of my tenure so far.” “I valued Manager Flick and other coaches as football experts and people. However, the German Football Association’s top priority is success. This decision was inevitable,” he said, explaining the reason for the first dismissal in 123 years.

The German Football Association appointed Feller as interim coach. Feller, who took over as acting manager, said: “Coach Flick has been exhausted over the last few months. The coaching staff gave everything they had to improve the situation after being knocked out of the World Cup in Qatar. Unfortunately, we had to say we weren’t successful. “It has clearly shown that he cannot develop further in this situation. It is by no means an easy moment because he has supported everything for coach Flick since joining the German Football Association in February.”

“But we have to act responsibly. We have to change something so that we can play the host country in the tournament we want to play. This is what the German fans expect from us. I will be temporarily in charge of one match against France together with Wolff and Wagner. The most urgent issue is to reorganize the team quickly. Bringing in a coach who will prepare for the Euros soon. I hope that this decision will provide positive stimulation to German football and the country as a whole. In the long run, we will know the national team well and “We plan to appoint a national team coach who will raise the team to the level expected,” he explained.

There was a lot of talk after losing to Japan. Director candidates were listed right before Director Flick was fired. In particular, Germany’s Bild pointed out Coach Klinsmann, who is currently in charge of the Korean national soccer team, as one of the candidates for the next head coach.

Coach Klinsmann has been leading the Korean national team since March of this year, replacing coach Paulo Bento. At the time of his appointment, he was a striker and declared that he would bring aggressive soccer to Korea. However, six months have passed and we have not achieved a single win. He is being criticized for leading the team without any clear color.

Coach Klinsmann, who had not won until June, held a press conference and stood in front of the media. At the short end, I wanted to hear the roadmap for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup in January and at the long end for the 2026 North and Central America World Cup, but they only introduced the coaching staff and listed the impressions I received from the Korean national team so far. When asked what color he would wear for the Korean national team, he avoided giving a definite answer, saying, “You’ll find out if you wait.”

There is a point. If you reveal all your future plans and plans in a public place, it could be toxic. Since we had not yet entered the World Cup qualifying stage and the ‘honeymoon’ effect still remained, it was worth waiting.

However, looking at his recent actions, there is a question mark as to whether he is sincere as the head coach of the Korean national team. Like other foreign leaders, he seemed to be residing in Korea, building a team, and thinking about things, but he flew to the United States from time to time to spend time.

Recently, he has been spending quite a bit of time as a panelist for global sports media ‘ESPN’. He also mentioned Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae, but also listed overseas soccer issues such as Lionel Messi and Harry Kane. Furthermore, there was even a prediction of a win, draw, or loss between Tottenham and Manchester United in the second round of the Premier League.

The same goes for head coaches. Coach Herzog joined the Austrian ‘ESPN’ commentary team starting the 2023-24 season. Although he had the justification of directly observing the European team locally, he had no choice but to spend more time preparing commentary for each game.

I recently opened up about the controversy, but it wasn’t a cool answer. When asked if he spent a lot of time in Korea, he said, “The results in March and June were disappointing, but there were also many positive aspects. We are discussing with talented coaches how to hold the Asian Cup while understanding the trends of modern soccer. Until the first half of next year. We have already made plans. We will play Wales and Saudi Arabia in September and Vietnam and Tunisia in October. We will have a busy schedule in November with the second qualifying round and the Asian Cup. Personally, I hate losing in competition. I will win. “I only think about it. I want to win and give results as a gift,” he said. “I watched a lot of games in Korea. I also watched K-League 2, U-League, and FC Seoul U18 Osan High School games in person. Coaches Cha Du-ri and Michael Kim watched the domestic games and went to Europe. In this, coaches Andreas Köpke and Paulo Stringara inspect. July and August were schedules agreed upon before signing with the Football Association, so I was not able to spend much time in Korea. After September, I will stay in Korea for October and November, and the Asian “We are planning to train mainly with domestic players before the Cup. We are constantly thinking about good results,” he said.

He continued, “It may be a stereotype, but it’s just the way I work is different. That’s why I think there is a misunderstanding. Some people may question why there is no director in Korea and think negatively. I don’t blame anyone, but I think in the bigger picture. I think. I’m talking a lot on the phone with coaches Cha Du-ri and Michael Kim. I’m also listening to information on national teams for each age group. I’m having a lot of conversations in Europe. I’m learning about modern soccer trends and even trends in other sports. I’m always learning how to integrate and develop into the national team. “I’m contemplating whether to plan it,” he said.

The German coach candidates listed by ‘Bild’ are Oliver Glasner, Miroslav Klose, Feller, Jurgen Klopp, Matthias Sammer, Klinsmann, Louis van Gaal, Lothar Matthaus, Zinedine Zidane, and Julian Nagelsmann. Most of them are German legends, outstanding managers of German nationality, or people who are considered great generals in Europe.

However, none of the previous German national team coaches were non-German. They continued the tradition by appointing all German coaches, from the first coach, Nertz, to Flick. It is noteworthy that Coach Van Gaal and Coach Zidane were nominated. Directors from neighboring countries and competitors, the Netherlands and France, were nominated.

Coach Zidane achieved the feat of winning the Champions League three times in a row at Real Madrid, an unprecedented feat in European history. But since he left Real Madrid he has not returned as a leader. He was only mentioned as a possibility of being appointed to a big European club team such as Paris Saint-Germain, but he was not appointed to a specific team. Most recently, there were expectations that he would lead the French national team after coach Didier Deschamps, but the French Football Association signed a new contract with coach Deschamps.

Coach Van Gaal led the Netherlands to the quarterfinals in the World Cup. He stepped down as coach after the Qatar World Cup and is taking a break due to health issues. He also shows tactical and organic response ability in the national team, but due to his advanced age, there is a high possibility that he will not be able to lead the team for a long period of time.

Among current German managers, Liverpool manager Klopp is receiving the best evaluation. However, Manager Klopp still has time left on his contract with Liverpool. As he is focusing on the Premier League and various competition schedules, it seems unlikely that he will accept the position as manager of the German national team or that Liverpool will let go of manager Klopp.

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