“Lotte’s batters tend to settle the game quickly. They were confident and struck well from the first pitch.”

Fierce competition for selection became a cure. 바카라사이트NC Dinos Shin Min-hyuk failed to get his sixth win of the season, but raised his stock with impressive pitching.

Shin Min-hyuk threw 6 scoreless innings in the final match of the season against the Lotte Giants held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 12th.

This is the second time this season, 153 days after the Changwon KT Wiz match on April 11.

Unfortunately, we failed to achieve our 6th win of the season. After finishing the 6th inning with a 3-0 lead, the mound was handed over to Ryu Jin-wook, a sure-to-win pitcher, but Ryu Jin-wook faltered and brought on the danger of the bases being loaded with no outs. In the end, the third pitcher, Kim Young-gyu, allowed two RBIs and a timely hit, costing the team the victory.

However, Shin Min-hyuk, whom we met after the game, smiled brightly and said, “I wish the team had won. It’s a shame, but there have been many times when I have protected my victory.” Kim Young-gyu is first on the team with 19 holds, and Ryu Jin-wook is second with 16. NC’s rebound, which has already risen to 3rd place, is thanks to their strong support.

Shin Min-hyuk explained, “I feel good because it feels like I’ve been throwing well for the first time in a long time. I threw more first-pitch strikes more aggressively than usual, which worked especially well.”

“Lotte hitters often hit from the first pitch, and many hitters are confident in breaking balls, so they aimed for changeups a lot. So, I played well with a style of going to the outside or dropping it quickly to win the game quickly. It gave me confidence.”

Above all, the first pitch strike rate reached 78.9% (15/19). As a result, it led to economical pitching of 16 pitches until the second inning, 29 pitches until the third inning, and 78 pitches until the sixth inning.

Shin Min-hyuk smiled and said, “When I think about it, when I was in good condition, I always pitched quickly and had a high first-pitch strike rate. I threw while remembering myself in good times and it worked out well. I thought I would only end it within 20 pitches of every inning…” He smiled. .

The disappointment of having too few pitches remained. Shin Min-hyuk added, “(Ryu) Jin-wook said he was sorry, so I said it was okay.”

In the second half of the season, I noticed walks. While playing 32⅓ innings in 7 games since August to this day, he has walked 2, including 1 in each of his first 2 games. Shin Min-hyuk emphasized, “I think the first pitch strike is so important. I threw it with confidence, feeling like I could get hit.”

Regarding the chemistry with the catchers, “(Park) Se-hyuk has his own style, (Ahn) Jung-yeol is aggressive, and (Kim) Hyung-jun tends to adapt to me. I (Park) Dae-on “I like you too,” he said with a bright smile.

What is the secret to particularly improved control? This season, the fierce competition between Lee Yong-jun and Song Myeong-gi for selection became a relief. Shin Min-hyuk clenched his fist and said, “I worked harder because I didn’t want to lose my starting position.” But the ‘real secret’ was something else.

“When I threw the ball, the point of my foot was originally open. Then, I lost my balance and there were many balls that fell out. Following the coach’s instructions, I put rosin on the ground these days and adjusted my toes to 1-shape accordingly, and it has improved a lot. The body balance aspect has improved a lot. “But psychologically, I feel like my ball is going straight because my legs aren’t wide apart, so I think my control has improved.”

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