“comeback? Just thinking about it makes me excited and nervous. And I think it will be fun.”

Lee Joo-yeon (171 cm, G) qualified as a free agent after the end of the 2021-2022 season. His first free agent since his professional debut. However, Lee Joo-yeon’s team, Samsung Life Insurance, retained Lee Joo-yeon under the condition of a five-year contract period and a total annual salary of 210 million won for the 2022-2023 season. Lee Joo-yeon also achieved her wish of 카지노“I wanted to remain at Samsung Life Insurance.”

However, Lee Ju-yeon’s performance in the 2022-2023 season was not as good as expected. This was especially true in his first five games of the season. Lee Joo-yeon scored a total of 19 points in the opening five games. He scored just 3.8 points per game. Among them, there were two scoreless games.

There were several factors. The pressure Lee Joo-yeon felt was great, and Kiana Smith (178cm, G), who has both ball handling and shooting, had a big contribution. Lee Joo-yeon and Kiana had to spend a lot of time together, but the time they spent together was not long.

However, Lee Joo-yeon adapted to the changed situation. In the game against Cheongju KB Stars held on November 20, 2022, he recorded 8 assists, the most of the season, and 14 rebounds each in the game against Asan Woori Bank held on December 16 of that year and against Bucheon Hana One Q held on December 21. (5 offense) and 13 rebounds (3 offense). In the game against Incheon Shinhan Bank held two days later, he scored 15 points, his personal high of the season.

And on December 26, 2022. Lee Joo-yeon faced Woori Bank once again. However, Lee Ju-yeon’s playing time was only 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Because he injured the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in that game. Less than a year after free agency, the season was out.

It was a serious injury. Nevertheless, Lee Joo-yeon tried to remain calm. He devoted all his attention to a full recovery. So he devoted himself wholeheartedly to post-surgery treatment and rehabilitation. For that reason, Lee Joo-yeon’s body rose faster than he expected.

Therefore, Lee Joo-yeon was able to participate in the 2023 Woori Bank Park Shin-ja Cup, which was held from August 26th. However, Samsung Life Insurance’s coaching staff and trainer were worried about Lee Ju-yeon’s rapid recovery speed. That’s why I cared for Lee Joo-yeon as much as possible. On the contrary, Lee Joo-yeon’s regret could have been great.

However, Lee Ju-yeon said, “Returning after the Park Shin-ja Cup was the goal I had in mind from the beginning. Even at the hospital, he said, ‘My knee has improved a lot, but I hope you don’t overdo it,’” and did not regret ‘Park Shin-ja’s absence from the Cup.’

Afterwards, he said, “It hasn’t been long since I participated in 5-on-5 training. So he doesn’t really think about trying something. Both offense and defense must work hard and make no mistakes. “I think that’s my job,” he said, mentioning ‘passion’ and ‘movement without mistakes.’

And he said, “I hope I can enter the season with a healthy body and no injuries. To do that, I will work hard. However, there may be variables. And when you enter the court, you have to be good at catching passes from players. “I will start with that,” he said, emphasizing ‘a healthy body’ and ‘coordination with team members.’

As mentioned above, Lee Joo-yeon was unable to stand on the court for nearly 10 months after her injury. However, her return to the court is imminent. Therefore, we can think of the moment Lee Joo-yeon returns to the court.

Lee Joo-yeon said, “During practice games, we invited spectators. She did warm-ups with the players for the first time since her injury. Even though he did just that, his mind was pounding. He was so nervous. But now he is excited and nervous just thinking about his return. “I think he’ll have fun,” he said, assuming his thoughts on his return.

Lee Joo-yeon, who imagined his return, immediately returned to the court. He did the rest of the study with the players. (After the Samsung Life Team afternoon training ended, the players who participated in the afternoon training voluntarily coordinated their movements.) Although it was difficult for him, he showed a bright smile. As I look forward to the moment when I can return to action.

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