《School Sports Promotion Association and Sports Donga are operating the ‘2023 Student Sports Reporter Group’ to revitalize school sports. The ‘Student Sports Reporters’ Group, now in its third year, is comprised of student reporters selected through a contest targeting middle and high school students to report on various school sports activities and general sports-related news. Through this, we will increase students’ interest in sports activities and take the lead in creating a healthy and vibrant school sports culture. Articles covered by the ‘Student Sports Reporters’ are selected and published once a month.》 The

‘Histar League’, scheduled to be held in the second half of the year, is a pure high school amateur soccer competition launched in cooperation between Incheon United and the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education. Incheon United has already been hosting the 스포츠토토 ‘Middle Star League’ for middle school students since 2004 and is receiving a warm response.

However, the competition targeting high schools was not held, causing disappointment among high school students in the Incheon area. In that respect, the launch of the High Star League was like a welcome rain at the end of a drought.

Incheon United and the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education said, “Like the Middle Star League, the High Star League is only available to amateur students, not those who are active players, to participate. “It was designed to provide high school students who are under a lot of stress due to college entrance and job preparation opportunities to participate in physical activities, which will have positive effects such as recovery of psychological and emotional, social, and physical health.”

Among the prestigious soccer high schools that are raising expectations is Bupyeong High School. As Bupyeong High School is a school that is famous for soccer, the interest and love for soccer among regular students, not just those who are athletes, is just as great.

Bupyeong High School is in group 16 out of 16 groups and will hold the group preliminaries at Dongincheon High School, Haneul High School, Marine Science High School, and Inyu Songdo Soccer Center. Bupyeong High School is a school that has proven its ability by taking second place in the ‘2022 School Sports Club Soccer Competition’, so it is also expected to perform well in the first High Star League.

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