Jadon Sancho’s career at Manchester United is getting more and more complicated.토토사이트

Manchester United announced on its official website on the 14th (Korean time), “Sancho will undergo a personal training program away from the first team until the issue of player discipline is resolved.” As a result, Sancho was excluded from the first team for the time being.

Sancho was once considered an English player with great talent. A product of the Manchester City youth team, his skills began to develop after moving to Borussia Dortmund in Germany. Sancho, who recorded 12 goals and 18 assists in 34 games in the Bundesliga in the 2018/19 season, also recorded 17 goals and 17 assists in 32 games in the 2019/20 season. Sancho, born in 2000, achieved 10 (goals) and 10 (assists) in the league for two consecutive years at the age of 20.


As Sancho developed into a top side player in the Bundesliga, Manchester United showed interest. Manchester United signed Sancho for 85 million euros (about 121.5 billion won) in the summer of 2021 after intense negotiations with Dortmund. After coming to Manchester United, Sancho’s downhill decline began. He only scored 3 goals and 3 assists in 29 games in the 2021/22 season. He wasn’t any better last season either, with 6 goals and 3 assists in 26 games.

Sancho has been in the spotlight this season after having a public conflict with manager Eric ten Haag. The starting point was a league game against Arsenal on the 4th. Sancho was left out of the roster in the match against Arsenal, which Manchester United lost 1-3. Regarding the reason for Sancho’s exclusion from the list, coach Ten Haag said, “I was not satisfied with his performance in training.”

Sancho did not tolerate this. He posted on his social media account, “Please don’t believe everything you read. I will not tolerate saying something that is completely untrue. “I did very well in training this week,” he posted. Sancho continued, “I believe there are other reasons for being excluded from this game. “I have been a scapegoat for a long time and it is not fair.”

Ten Haag and Sancho have been in talks this week to resolve the issue, but no solution has been reached. Meanwhile, the conflict seemed to have been resolved when Sancho deleted his SNS post, but it was not. There was still resentment between the two.

Manager Ten Haag exploded at Sancho’s late training. Global sports media ‘The Athletic’ said, “Director Ten Haag and the coaching staff tried to get Sancho to arrive on time by making him go to work at least an hour earlier than the other players. However, coach Ten Haag began to become increasingly angry at Sancho’s tardiness and poor training.”

The reason Manchester United pulled out a knife was because of Sancho’s attitude. According to the global sports media ‘The Athletic’, Sancho refused to apologize despite repeated requests from coach Ten Haag. Unable to endure Sancho’s position, Manchester United made him train with youth players.

As Manchester United punishes Sancho, the possibility of a transfer next winter is emerging. In fact, Sancho received a loan offer from Saudi Arabia’s Al Itti Park, but the deal failed to materialize due to a breakdown in negotiations between the clubs. According to the UK’s ‘Metro’, Sancho’s former team Dortmund is said to be tentatively considering signing a contract with Sancho.

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