We must win the gold medal at this Asian Games.

German media Kicker reported on the 15th (Korean time),온라인카지노 ‘Newly recruited Jung Woo-young will not be able to join VfB Stuttgart for the time being. ‘Both the player and the club are hoping this situation lasts as long as possible.’

Kicker also said, ‘Only by showing outstanding performance in the national team can one avoid the 20 months of military service that is basically mandatory for all young men. Therefore, VfB Stuttgart’s summer rookie Jung Woo-young is also under special pressure in the coming weeks.’

The Korean national team will participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games held from September 19 to October 7. This game will be a game in which the players’ lives will be at stake because only if they win a gold medal will they be exempted from military service.

Korea has a super luxurious lineup, including top players playing in Europe such as Jung Woo-young, Lee Kang-in, and Hong Hyun-seok, as well as players playing in Korea such as Eom Won-sang, Song Min-gyu, and Cho Young-wook.

This Asian Games is special for both Jung Woo-young and Stuttgart. The kicker is that ‘only by winning a gold medal will the midfielder and his teammates be exempt from the long military service.’ If he fails, Jung Woo-young could be conscripted until the end of 2025, when he turns 26, but he may have another chance at the 2024 Olympics. ‘This fact has already played an important role financially in Jung Woo-young’s contract.’

SC Freiburg also received a base salary of 2.8 million euros from Stuttgart in the summer. Additionally, an additional bonus was agreed on the possibility of exemption from long-term military service. If Jung Woo-young, who has a contract until June 2026, avoids this, the total amount will increase to 4 million euros.

Since the probability of winning a gold medal at the Asian Games is considerably higher than the probability of winning a medal at the Olympics, the national team must put their lives on the line at the Asian Games. The national team, led by coach Hwang Seon-hong, will play the first match against Kuwait on September 19 at 7:30 pm (Korean time).

Additionally, the second match against Thailand is scheduled for September 21st at 7:30 PM (Korean time), and the third game against Bahrain is scheduled for September 24th at 7:30 PM (Korean time).

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