Napoli, who were crowned Serie A champions last season, are doing unusually well in the early part of this season. The defense became unstable after Kim Min-jae (26, Bayern Munich) left, and this time, ‘ace’ Hvicha Kvarachelia (22) showed a dissatisfied gesture towards coach Rudi Garcia (59, France).온라인카지노

Napoli, which showed off its status as a winning team with two consecutive wins in the opening game, has fallen into a slump with one draw and one loss in the last two games. While they lost 1-2 to Lazio at home, the match against Genoa, which took place after the international break, was tied 2-2.

The result of the game against Genoa was not satisfactory, but a more worrying situation arose. In the 44th minute of the second half, Coach Garcia replaced Kvaratshelia and brought in Alessio Gervin (24). After the game ended, Kvaratshelia looked at the bench with a dissatisfied expression and waved his fingers together.

This gesture is a typical gesture made when showing dissatisfaction in Italy. In a situation where a goal was urgently needed, Kvaratshelia did not understand coach Garcia’s choice when he became the target of substitution rather than a defensive resource.

Gervin, who was substituted, recorded only 3 touches and finished the game without any influence. He failed to replace the presence of Kvaratshelia, who was the most active of the offensive linemen, with 4 shots and 1 successful dribble. Napoli failed to score an additional goal and only gained one point in the away game against Genoa.

Reporter Alfredo Pedula, who is well-versed in Italian soccer news, strongly criticized Coach Garcia on the 17th (Korean time) through social networking service (SNS), saying, “No one in the world is replacing Kvarachelia with Gervin.” Reporter Pedula also pointed out Coach Garcia’s use and tactics of Victor Osimhen (24).

Napoli won the Serie A title last season for the first time in 33 years under coach Luciano Spalletti (64, Italy). Coach Spalletti’s outstanding strategy and the unexpected growth of the players combined to dominate Serie A. However, coach Spalletti left the team after the season ended due to issues with the club’s owner, Aurelio De Laurentiis (74, Italy), over contract renewal.

With Kim Min-jae, the core of the defense, also heading to Bayern Munich, change was inevitable for Naples. Coach Garcia, who led LOSC Lille, AS Roma, and Olympique Lyonnais, was appointed as the new head coach, but the team atmosphere is shaking at the beginning of the season.

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