Jung Woo-young, who scored the first goal early against Kuwait and
was the driving force behind the big win, wearing the number 7 uniform, led the team to victory and scored a large number of goals
in a game atmosphere where tension changed to confidence … Hwang Seon-hong “Be confident, but forget everything” In the match against Thailand on the 21st, we must prepare for the possibility of focusing on defense

The Asian Games national soccer team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong won a resounding victory against Kuwait in the first game on the 19th because the first goal was scored early in the day.

Even though it was mid-September, the temperature in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China, where the game was held, exceeded 30 degrees and the relative humidity was 74%, conditions that made it inevitable for the players to tire quickly.

If the first goal had not been scored early on, the players would have become anxious and the game could have gone as planned, but Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart) did not miss the opportunity that came his way. Jung Woo-young, who led the team to victory by scoring three goals that day, shook up the Kuwait defense team while wearing No. 7, Son Heung-min’s A national team uniform number.토토사이트

The nervousness of the first game soon turned into confidence, making the players play harder. Even though the score difference was large, Korea continued to focus and beat Kuwait, resulting in a 9-0 victory for Korea.

Baek Seung-ho (Jeonbuk), who left a strong impression with a mid-range shot in the round of 16 match against Brazil at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, showed off his team’s captaincy with a great free kick in today’s game as well. Baek Seung-ho said after the game, “It was the first game, so the players were nervous, but we were able to take advantage of the opportunities from the beginning and go easily.” He added, “It is important to recover well and prepare for the second game.”

Korea will play its second match against Thailand on the 21st and then play its final group match against Bahrain on the 24th. Although they achieved a big win in the first game, both Thailand and Bahrain completed their analysis by watching the game against Korea and Kuwait, so the game may unfold in a completely different way from the second game. In order for Korea to adapt to extreme defense-oriented soccer, they must play a different game from the first game.

Coach Hwang Seon-hong, who is burdened with the burden of winning a third consecutive gold medal, also cautioned against being overconfident, saying, “We will play it as a non-existent game.” He said, “It was the first of 7 shots (games) to win, and the players worked hard as they prepared,” but added, “You have to be confident, but forget about everything else.” Coach Hwang is said to have told the players the same thing in the locker room.

Coach Hwang said, “Difficult games, including the final tournament, await us. He also said, “There is a long way to go and a lot of work to do to successfully host such games.”

As my stamina has decreased significantly due to the high humidity, preparing for the second game is not easy. It is also a burden for Hwang Seon-hong to play the game immediately after resting for a day.

He needs to play 6 more games to win the championship, but he cannot give it his all in the beginning as many variables such as injuries can occur. Moreover, even if Lee Kang-in joins the national team around the 21st, it will take time for him to play as it has been a long time since he has seen his feet.

Striker Cho Young-wook (Gimcheon), who scored two goals that day, said, “After the game was over, I received a text message from (Lee) Kang-in. “You’re asking if you can go a little slower, but that’s nonsense,” he said, emphasizing that “you have to come quickly.”

Still, if there is any hope in the game against Kuwait, it is that there are many offensive resources that can score goals. Jung Woo-young’s hat trick, Cho Young-wook’s multiple goals, Baek Seung-ho’s spectacular free kick goal, and the scores of Eom Won-sang (Ulsan) and Park Jae-yong (Jeonbuk) and Ahn Jae-jun (Bucheon), who came on as substitutes in the second half, showed that Korea’s offensive power is not dependent on a specific player. . The fact that there are many players who can score goals is bound to put a lot of pressure on the opponent.

In particular, Jo Young-wook, who consoled his disappointment by saying, “I could have scored more” even though he scored two goals, loudly said, “I have not yet achieved three goals (this tournament’s goal), so I will first achieve that and then set my goal again.”

Just as the Kuwait coach evaluated Korea as “a different level,” expectations are high whether the team will remain at a completely different level after the second game

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