Laos, the first country to go on a baseball mission after Lee Man-soo, chairman of the Hulk Foundation, stepped down from his position as SK manager, will challenge for the Asian Games finals.안전놀이터

Coach Lee Man-soo delivered the news to MHN Sports, unable to hide his childlike excitement, saying, “Laos is finally starting the preliminary round.” Until just two weeks ago, Laos was worried about winning just one game due to cost issues, so coach Lee Man-soo has high expectations.

First of all, the first opponent that Laos will meet on the 26th is Thailand. As a country in Southeast Asia that started baseball before Laos, they are not an easy opponent. Above all, it is a tough opponent for Laos as it has a history of hosting baseball games during the 1998 Bangkok Asian Games.

We meet Singapore on the 27th. After all, he is a formidable opponent. However, in the meantime, multiple teams were founded throughout Laos, led by Korean leaders, and Laos also improved its skills. It’s worth the work.

If Laos wins one game in this round, it will be placed in Group A, which includes China, Japan, and the Philippines. If it wins all games, it will be placed in Group B, which includes Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Coach Lee Man-soo is listed as ‘Head of Staff’ in the Asian Games Organizing Committee.

Previously, coach Lee Man-soo said that in response to the story that the Laos national team was worried about winning one game due to cost issues, he said, “I will send the players to China even if it means selling their pants.” NC Dinos also heard about this and bought a baseball worth 60 million won. Supplies were sponsored. In addition, he pledged that if Laos wins just one game, he will walk around the Vientiane Presidential Palace wearing only his underwear, as he did during his time as SK’s head coach.

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