The NC Dinos are a hotbed for young fireballers.

They have a steady stream of good pitchers coming up through the ranks to fill out the first team roster. This is how they are cruising to a surprising third place, leading the team in ERA (3.64) over the leading LG.

The first-team mound is filled with pitchers from the late 90s and early 2000s, including Song Myung-ki (23), Shin Min-hyuk (24), Ha Jun-young (24), Kim Young-gyu (23), Kim Si-hoon (24), Lee Jun-ho (23), and Kim Tae-hyun (25). Left-handed ace Koo Chang-mo (26) and bullpen ace Ryu Jin-wook (27) are also young mainstays. There’s also right-hander Kim Jin-ho (25), who burst onto the scene earlier this year. He is rehabbing from elbow ligament reconstruction surgery.

Another candidate for the closer’s role has emerged.

Han Jae-seung (22) is a third-year right-handed fireballer. A hard-hitting pitcher who graduated from Incheon High School and joined the NC with the 36th pick of the 2021 2nd 4th round. Han, who had already hit 149 kilometers in Incheon High School, was called “Changwoo Madongseok” after joining the pro ranks, and he increased his fastball to 151 kilometers by bulking up through steady weight training. Even at a glance, the heavy rising fastball that emanates from his enlarged body is powerful. He also has a slider and a forkball that curve quickly with a cutter.

메이저사이트Han Jae-seung, who was called up from the expanded roster earlier this month, has been cruising in impressive fashion.

Doosan-NC at NC Park in Changwon on the 23rd. Han Jae-seung is pitching.

Doosan-NC game at Changwon NC Park on the 24th. Han Jae-seung pitches.
In the top of the ninth inning, trailing 1-3 against Doosan in Changwon on Nov. 23, Han pitched a perfect first inning in 13 pitches.

After striking out Kim Jae-ho with a 146-kilometer fastball, he struck out two Doosan center fielders in a row, including Rojas Yang-ji. The heavy 150-kilometer fastball left the bats of the two fast-swinging batters far behind.

With the impressive pitching, the team was promoted to the must-win group against the Changwon Doosan on the 24th.

With the score tied at 2-2 in the top of the fifth inning, Shin Min-hyuk singled to center field off Rojas, bringing up Yang Ji Han in front of the plate. After striking out Yang the previous day with a fastball, Shin took just three pitches to induce a grounder to shortstop with a slider. It was a thrilling moment when he overpowered the league’s best hitter who had been on a roll for two days in a row.

NC pitcher Han Jae-seung faces KT batters in the top of the eighth inning during the game between KT and NC at Changwon NC Park on Wednesday.
In the top of the sixth inning, he threw a slider to the leadoff batter, Kim Jae-hwan, which turned into a wild pitch and gave up a solo home run.

But he didn’t falter. He bravely retired the next three batters – Yang Seok-hwan, Kang Seung-ho, and Jang Seung-hyun – on strikeouts, grounders, and a slider that allowed a home run.

Two runs in six innings in five games since being called up. He has a 6.00 K/BB ratio with just one walk while striking out six, nearly one per inning. In other words, he’s throwing his stuff well in the big leagues. He’s given up two runs on two solo homers, but he’s the kind of rookie who prefers to go toe-to-toe with the ball. His BABIP is just 0.143 and his WHIP is just 0.67 per inning.

With such a strong pace, he’s likely to take the mound when it matters most. A spot in the Fall League is not out of the question.

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