In a game where all eyes were on Lee Kang-in (21-Paris Saint-Germain), one of the players who stood out the most was the ‘scary youngster’ Lee Han-beom (21-Mitwillan).

Lee started at center back in the third Group E match between Bahrain and Hangzhou at the Jinhua Sports Center Stadium in Zhejiang, China on Thursday afternoon and made his presence felt in both attack and defense. Lee was behind a clean sheet and a 3-0 victory.

His first eye-catching moment came in the ninth minute of the second half. With a defender involved in the attack, the ball was blocked by the opponent, who immediately counterattacked. Bahrain quickly counterattacked into the Korean zone. After winning a one-on-one contest near the halfway line, Bahrain striker Salman Abdullah sprinted toward the Korean goal at high speed. At that moment, Lee Han-beom appeared out of nowhere and neatly intercepted the ball. The 1.88-meter defender sprinted for more than 40 meters with unbelievable speed. 카지노사이트 His final fake to deceive his opponent was outstanding.

Fans who watched Lee play for FC Seoul for three years before moving to Midtjylland in Denmark last summer won’t be surprised, but those who saw Lee Han-beom of Hwangsun Hongho for the first time may have thought, “Oh, Kim Min-jae is on the Asian Games team! His defensive style is reminiscent of Kim Min-jae’s, with his big frame, agile movement, and low forward passes. “I feel like I’m in good form right now, and I feel like I have good chemistry with the other defenders,” Lee told Mixzone after the game.


‘Eight-armed beauty’ Lee Han-beom also shined in attacking situations. South Korea rotated heavily on the day, having booked their ticket to the Round of 16 early with back-to-back wins in the first and second rounds, but they were uncharacteristically wasteful in the first half. Lee Han-beom fired the first shot of the match at a frustrating time for Bahrain, who were unable to find the back of the net until nearly an hour into the match. Lee, who was involved in the attack on a set piece, headed in a cross from the left by Jung Ho-yeon (Gwangju) at the near post. “We were supposed to think of a situation where we unconditionally put up a cross when the ball falls to the side, so as soon as (Jung) Ho-yeon got the ball, I went in front of (the goal) and he put up a cross right away,” Lee said. I was lucky,” he explained.

It turned out to be Lee’s “debut goal” for the age-group national team. “I think it’s been a year since I’ve scored a goal,” Lee said, “and (Song) Min-kyu-hyung said he was so excited, like he was scoring a goal for the first time,” he laughed. Lee exploded with adrenaline after the goal, as if he had scored a “theater goal.” Lee’s goal opened up a crack in Bahrain’s tight defense, and South Korea went on to win 3-0 in the second half, with Baek Seung-ho scoring from mid-range in the 29th minute and Ko Young-joon adding a goal in front of goal in the 39th minute. 16 points, no goals conceded, three wins in the group stage. Overwhelming.

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Lee Han-beom got his dream move to Europe while preparing for the Asian Games. He moved from Seoul to Meatwillan, where he is playing alongside national team striker Cho Kyu-sung. “Kyu has taken good care of me,” says Lee, who has settled in well, but admits it’s a different feeling to join the national team as a ‘European’. “It’s a little different, isn’t it? I think the jet lag was a little hard,” he laughed.

Lee played in the first, third, and second games of the group stage against Kuwait. He could be paired with Park Jin-seop (Jeonbuk) again in the round of 16 against Kyrgyzstan on Nov. 27, when the wildcard defender returns after missing the Bahrain match due to an accumulated warning. The combination of the eldest Park’s experience and Lee’s talent could make Korea’s defense more solid. “The team atmosphere is very good,” said Lee Han-beom, the youngest player born in 2002 alongside Hwang Jae-won (Daegu). I think it would be good to maintain this atmosphere until the final.”

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