When asked what comes to mind when you hear the words “Busan” 카지노사이트 and “baseball,” most people will mention Sajik Baseball Stadium without hesitation. Sajik Baseball Stadium is a place of great significance in Busan. However, recently, there is an area that has been steadily building baseball infrastructure to the point of threatening Sajik Baseball Stadium’s ascendancy. This is ‘Gijang-gun’.

Gijang-gun is one of the most aggressive baseball infrastructure developers among basic local governments. A prime example is the Gijang-Hyundai Motor Dream Ball Park (hereafter Dream Ball Park), located in Suncheon-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan. Dream Ball Park is the largest amateur baseball field in Korea, with four main stadiums, one little league field, and one softball field. The park hosts various competitions for social baseball, elementary, middle, and high school baseball. Recently, fans have become increasingly interested in the KBO’s rookie draft. With the future of Korean baseball regularly gathering at Dream Ballpark to showcase their skills, the attention of many baseball fans is bound to turn to Gijang-gun.

It boasts such excellent facilities that the KT Wiz used it as a spring training site in 2021, when the team was unable to train overseas due to COVID-19. In addition, the KBO Futures League is held annually at Dream Ballpark. There aren’t many places in the country where baseball games are played for both amateurs and professionals like Dream Ball Park.

U-15 players playing at the Kijang-Hyundai Motor Company Dream Ballpark. Park Sejong PD

More than 4,000 baseball players gathered at the Dream Ballpark from July 13 to 25. The 2023 U-15 National Youth Baseball Tournament, organized by Gijang County and the Korea Baseball and Softball Association, was held at Dream Ball Park. When we visited the tournament, the excitement was palpable. Although the weather was not good due to the autumn rainy season, it was noisy as the players played with determination and the parents came from far away to cheer them on.

The 2023 U-15 National Youth Baseball Tournament was divided into three leagues. In the ‘Nine Mountains Forest League’, SBC of Busan’s Gaeseong SBC won the title, while Gyeonggi Daewonjoong won the ‘Osiria League’ and Jayangjoong of Seoul won the ‘Haeparangil League’. As 129 teams and about 4,000 players from across the country participated in the tournament, it must have been a valuable experience for the players.

U-15 players swinging hard. Park Sejong PD

An official from the Korea Baseball and Softball Association, which organized the tournament along with Gijang County, said, “This tournament was organized to expand the development and popularity of baseball and to help revitalize the local economy during the participating teams’ stay in Gijang. “The Gijang Hyundai Motor Dream Ball Park has the best baseball infrastructure in Korea and is helping the players to perform at their best,” he added, conveying the special significance of Gijang-gun in the amateur baseball world to the Busan Baseball Reporters.

Meanwhile, the Korean Baseball Hall of Fame is scheduled to be established by 2026. The Korean Baseball Hall of Fame will contain content from many baseball players who have contributed to the development of Korean baseball history. With the establishment of the Korean Baseball Hall of Fame and the attraction of amateur tournaments, Kijang-gun plans to further expand baseball infrastructure.

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