“As a player, you must do your best in every game.” 

Jeonbuk Hyundai held an official press conference ahead of the second match of Group F of the 2023-2024 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League group stage at Thammasat Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand on the 3rd 카지노(Korean time).

Coach Dan Petrescu and Choi Cheol-soon attended the press conference that day.

Choi Cheol-soon expressed his determination going into the game, saying, “I came to Bangkok in a bad atmosphere. Because it is a special game, all players must work together to play the game. I will definitely come back with a win.” 

Choi Cheol-soon, who expressed great regret after the last K-League 1 game against Daegu, said, “I feel very sorry to those who like Jeonbuk. I hope they know how important this game is. Doing your best in every game is the most important thing a player can do.” “I hope everyone goes into the game knowing full well that it is an important task to do,” he explained. 

Choi Cheol-soon, who has been protecting Jeonbuk since joining the team in 2006, said, “When I first joined, it was not a team that was challenging for the championship. But now things have changed. We have to protect Jeonbuk. The players must show earnestness from the time they train until they take the field. “We must do so with earnestness and a sense of responsibility, and with pride as players representing Jeonbuk. We must play for the fans with a loving heart as players representing Jeonbuk have emerged,” he emphasized. 

In response to a question from a local reporter asking about the level of Thai soccer, he replied, “They have outstanding skills such as stamina and speed. They are a difficult opponent to play against,” and added, “I think Thailand’s soccer infrastructure has also developed. It is a league with many good teams.”

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