Batting average approaching .500 since September. What is so good about Hanyu Island in ‘autumn’?

SSG Landers Hanyu Island’s bat is hot. Hanyu Island, who had a 6-RBI game against Incheon NC Dinos on the 4th, was in a severe batting slump until August. In the process of revising and restoring his batting form at the beginning of the season, his balance was shaken and he was unable to regain his original feel.

카지노Until August, Hanyu Island’s season batting average was only .203. He was unable to break out of his slump with 4 home runs and 28 RBIs, and the number of days he was unable to make starting appearances increased. As Hanyu Island performed poorly, the slugging percentage of SSG’s main batting line decreased significantly, putting overload on only Choi Jeong and Guillermo Heredia.

However, a reversal began in September. Hanyu Island had seven ‘multi-hit’ games in September alone, including two four-hit games and two three-hit games. Hanyu Island, who recorded a monthly batting average of .4331 in September, also recorded a batting average of 6.677 with 8 hits in 12 at-bats in the three games played in October. Considering only since September, Hanyu Island’s batting average is 406.8 li, which is almost .500. He was the MVP of the 2018 Korean Series and contributed to last year’s combined championship, so he is a player who is particularly strong in the fall, so he deserves the nickname ‘Autumn Yusum’, but it is unusual for him to show the exact opposite after being deeply in a 100% slump until August.

Hanyu Island selected ‘hitting the right situation’ as the point of the great rebound. This means that rather than insisting on a big swing unconditionally, we pay much more attention to hitting short bursts than before. Han Yu-seom said, “When the score difference is large, I aim for a long hit, and in a close game situation, I bat while thinking about a short hit. Rather than batting form, I just think about finding the most comfortable timing for me to hit.”

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung, who is looking at Hanyu Island, also said, “After 2S, his ability to handle the ball has improved. He drags the ball more and hits, and makes good contact with breaking balls, increasing the number of hits to the right. The direction of the hit is evenly distributed.” did. However, he analyzed, “In his (favorable) count, he confidently throws fastballs and gets a lot of correct hits.”

SSG recently lost Choi Jeong due to an injury, and Park Seong-han and Choi Ji-hoon are also missing due to being selected for the Asian Games national team. However, his offensive power is actually improving. At the center of it all is the revival of Hanyu Island.

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