In the first round of ‘Proper Noun’, Kim Beom-seok starts in his hometown.

LG Twins made significant changes on the first day of its autonomous lineup. LG played against the Busan Lotte Giants on the 5th with Hong Chang-ki (right fielder), Park Hae-min (center fielder), Moon Seong-joo (left fielder), Kim Min-seong (third baseman), Seo Geon-chang (designated hitter), Kim Beom-seok (first baseman), Son Ho-young (shortstop), and Heo Do-hwan (catcher). ) – Shin Min-jae (second baseman) formed the starting lineup. Austin Dean was originally listed as the number 4 hitter, but this was changed in the final roster. Five starting players, including Park Hae-min, Kim Hyun-soo, Oh Ji-hwan, Park Dong-won, and Austin Dean, were left out of the starting lineup, while Ahn Ik-hoon, Kim Beom-seok, Son Ho-young, Seo Geon-chang, and Heo Do-hwan were selected.

The most notable hitter is Kim Beom-seok. Kim Beom-seok is a promising catcher who was selected as the 7th pick in the first round in this year’s rookie draft and came to LG with a contract deposit of 250 million won. At the time of nomination, LG general manager Cha Myeong-seok left an impression on baseball fans by saying, “I nominated Kim Beom-seok. From now on, the proper name Kim Beom-seok will become a byword representing Korean baseball.”

Kim Beom-seok, who only played as a designated hitter in the Futures League this season due to a bad shoulder, recorded a batting average of .286 (56 hits in 196 at-bats), 6 home runs, and 31 RBIs in the second team. Due to pain in his side, he has not played in any actual games in the Futures League since the Lotte game on August 6th.

He was called up to the first team on September 30th, but did not play once, and was selected to play as a starter that day.

He briefly played in the first team during the ‘first team tour’ last June. On June 3, he appeared as a substitute in NC and recorded no hits in two at-bats.

LG coach Yeom Kyeong-yeop said, “The players had a ceremony yesterday, so they needed a break. Austin was ranked second in RBIs, so we added him to the lineup initially, but he said he also wanted to rest, so we changed it.”

Coach Yeom said, “I brought him up to the first team and had him practice as a first baseman, but his movements weren’t that bad, so I decided to send him out.”캡틴토토 Kim Beom-seok was a catcher during his days at Gyeongnam High School, but he also played a lot as a first baseman, so he doesn’t have much difficulty. Kim Beom-seok, who we met before the game, said, “It feels like a dream to be able to go to a game at Sajik Stadium, where he watched a lot of baseball as a child, and it will be amazing and fun.” It is also the place where he hit a home run at Sajik Stadium and received the MVP award during the Futures All-Star Game last July.

Kim Beom-seok happened to be in the first team and also held a regular season victory ceremony. Kim Beom-seok said, “The seniors worked hard, and I was lucky enough to be able to come and join them, so it was really meaningful and I am grateful to the seniors.”

Kim Beom-seok, who has not yet hit his first hit in his debut, will be competing against Han Hyun-hee, a senior at Gyeongnam High School, who will be Lotte’s starter on this day. Kim Beom-seok said, “It is written that senior Han Hyun-hee threw a no-hitter and no run at Gyeongnam High School. After seeing that, I wanted to deal with her, and I think it’s good to do it this way.”

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