The rising star of Korean soccer is clearly midfielder Lee Kang-in (22).

He plays for Paris Saint-Germain, the most prestigious team in France, and has already established himself as a regular starter on the Korean national soccer team at a young age. National soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann (59) says, “Lee Kang-in is an essential player for the national team.”

However, Lee Kang-in is not the first player to be named in the starting lineup for Hwang Seon-hong, who is competing for the gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. It is true that he is classified as a key player, but the so-called crown prince is goal scorer Cho Young-wook (24, Gimcheon Sangmu).

Hwang Seon-hong, head coach of the men’s Asian Games national soccer team (55)’s favor, is confirmed by Cho Young-wook’s playing time. With only the final against Japan remaining on the 7th, he appeared in all 6 games and played 390 minutes. This was possible because, unlike other strikers who go back and forth between starting and replacing, he played full time as much as possible.

Coach Hwang said, “Except for Cho Young-wook, there are not many players who play full-time,” and added, “The constant replacement of strikers is something we have asked for in advance.”

It is not a day or two that Cho Young-wook receives the love of the coaches who coached him. He has played for national teams at various age levels since his childhood, and has now reached 84 games (37 goals) in appearances. While others only dream of participating once, he played in the Under-20 World Cup twice and also enjoyed the joy of reaching the finals in the 2019 Poland tournament.

Some say that if Cho Young-wook wins a gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games and participates as a wild card (player over 23 years old) in next year’s Paris Olympics, he could become the first player to join the Century Club (100 games played) with a national team participation record for his age group. There are even jokes.

Jo Young-wook, waving his hands, puts the gold medal first. Since he has been running with only eyes on the Asian Games, he has no time to think about anything else. 카지노사이트“He’s only thinking about beating Ilhan and winning the gold medal,” said Cho Young-wook. “He’s trying to think about how to prepare well and things like that.”

Moreover, Cho Young-wook is the only player on the national team wearing military uniform. He joined the Armed Forces Athletic Corps last year and is close to being promoted to sergeant. He is waiting for the day when he will be discharged to the rank of corporal. In the past, players who enlisted even if they won a gold medal at the Asian Games had to serve the remainder of their military service, but now they can be discharged immediately. Hwang In-beom (Zvezda), who was a member of the Ansan Police Agency five years ago, is a representative example.

Cho Young-wook joked, “Before the Asian Games, the members of my unit that I used to keep in touch with often stopped contacting me as the finals approached,” and emphasized, “I really want to win a gold medal.”

There is also interest in who will score in the finals. It has been a long time since Korea broke the previous record for the most goals in an Asian Games by scoring 25 goals in 6 games. While Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart) is the top scorer with 7 goals, Cho Young-wook also ranks 5th with 3 goals. He said before the tournament that his goal was to score 3 goals, but joked, “I should have said 5 goals,” and added, “If a goal is needed in the final, I will score it. “I will do everything if the team can win,” he pledged.

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