– Hwang Young-mook defended the club until the end even after being nominated by Hanwha
– Choi Jong-wan, who won 3 championships alone, and Lee Seong-shin,
메이저사이트 who hit 8 RBIs, ‘stand out’

The winner of the 2023 Gyeonggi Province Independent League Championship Series was Yeoncheon Miracle.

Yeoncheon won 9-7 over the Seongnam City Magpies in the 5th game of the independent baseball team championship game that ended on the 11th and succeeded in winning their second consecutive league title. Even in adverse conditions where they lost the first and second games out of five, they were able to secure their title as champions with three consecutive wins. With this game, the independent league also came to an end.

The end of the season means that it is now time for players to make choices. The question is whether to continue the challenge for another year or to give up baseball cleanly and start a new life. That’s why Coach Kim In-sik and Coach Lee Jeong-gi always say that their hearts hurt during this time. However, this was also a very natural thing in an independent league. Even in Japan, the first goal of independent leagues is to ‘enable people to give up baseball cleanly.’ This means that you have to challenge yourself to the best of your ability and without regrets.

Meanwhile, Yeoncheon coach Lee Jeong-gi said, “This year alone, we have already produced two professional players (catcher Bae Hyun-ho and infielder Hwang Young-mook). There are still many good players who can challenge for the pros, so I hope they will continue the challenge next year. Meanwhile, good players They said, “I hope there are a lot of new people here.” This is because when players who have given up their attachment to baseball leave their positions, players with greater attachments must fill their positions.

Meanwhile, Hwang Young-mook (Hanwha), who had already confirmed his professional career, completed the series to the end. Although he achieved everything he could, including recording 200 hits in his career in the independent league, he intended to repay the independent league in which he played. As there was no recording of the best baseball game, there was no problem at all for Hwang Young-mook to play. After the 5th round of the championship, Youngmook Hwang will now officially enter the professional ranks.

Although he feels sorry for those who left, Coach Lee Jeong-gi hopes that at least one player from Yeoncheon will receive attention. Ji-yoon (formerly Doosan) from Jemulpo High School, who set records of 10 wins, 100 innings, and 100 strikeouts this year, is the same, but Choi Jong-wan from Incheon High School, who won 3 games alone in this championship, and Lee Seong-shin from Baeksong High School, who swept 8 RBIs alone, are also pros. These are talented people you would like to keep an eye on. It is rumored that Choi Soo-hyun, who has consistently shown himself through Strongest Baseball, is currently undergoing regular testing for professional teams.

What’s interesting is that there is room for players outside of the professional league to be more active next season. This is because, starting with the founding of the Sammy Professional Baseball Team, the professional league will be launched in earnest next year, making integrated league games and exchange games possible. Taking this into consideration, Yeoncheon’s coach Kim In-sik also relayed the story through MHN Sports, saying, “If you’re thinking of taking on the challenge, I hope you come here (Yeoncheon).” It will be interesting to see whether Yeoncheon’s dream can continue in the future, and whether a rival team capable of putting Yeoncheon’s momentum to rest will emerge.

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