It is no longer ‘last place Hanwha’. It was a meaningful and emotional day for Hanwha, which succeeded in getting out of last place for the first time in four years. This would not have been possible without Bodhisattva fans who did not leave their seats even in the rain. 

Hanwha won 8-0 against Lotte in Daejeon on the 14th. Escaped from 6 consecutive losses. Although Hanwha was frustrated early on in the postseason, the victory on this day had a very special meaning. Regardless of the remaining two games, with today’s victory, Hanwha finally secured its place in last place for the first time in four years. 

As of this day, Hanwha has 57 wins, 79 losses, 6 draws (win rate .419), and Kiwoom, which finished the season first with 58 wins, 83 losses, 3 draws (win rate .411) due to a loss against Munhak SSG the day before (13th), is 10th. Confirmed above. Even if Hanwha loses its remaining two games, it is ahead of Kiwoom. Since 2020, it has escaped the swamp of last place in 10th place for three consecutive years and secured at least 9th place. 

Hanwha has been going through a long dark period with only one postseason appearance (2018) in the past 16 years since 2008, but there has never been a period as dark and painful as the past three years. In 2020, they suffered a severe ordeal with 18 consecutive losses, 토토사이트 the most in KBO League history, and endured an unbearable period of patience as they ranked 10th for three consecutive years from 2021 to 2022. 

If we ranked 10th this year, we were in danger of being disgraced in last place for four consecutive years. From 2001 to 2004, Lotte ranked last for four consecutive years, but at that time, it was a team of eight teams. Since 2015, when the 10-team system began, there has been no team ranked 10th for four consecutive years. Hanwha could have suffered the worst disgrace if it had made a mistake, but it was narrowly avoided. 

Hanwha had so many ups and downs this year that it was impossible to feel at ease until the last two games of the season were left. From mid-June to early July, they dreamed of jumping to the mid-level rankings by running on 8 consecutive wins, but in the second half of the year, they realized the limits of their power. The team depth was not yet complete, and the performance was inconsistent. Meanwhile, Hanwha, where Moon Dong-ju and Noh Si-hwan have established themselves as two-hitting pillars, has transformed into a team that can promise a bright future by securing young prospects such as Kim Seo-hyun, Moon Hyun-bin, and Hwang Jun-seo. 

It would have been impossible to get out of last place without the fans who gave their consistent support even during the dark times when they hit rock bottom. On this day, the game against Lotte was stopped due to rain for 51 minutes from 5:46 to 6:47 p.m. before the start of the fourth inning. Although the inclement weather continued with heavy rain falling in the middle and latter half of the game, a total of 9,153 spectators cheered passionately, wearing raincoats and holding umbrellas, shouting ‘Hanhwa the Strongest’. 

This year, Hanwha attracted a total of 544,945 spectators in 71 home games in Daejeon. Average audience per game: 7,675. Although it ranks 9th overall in the league, it showed a clear increase in attendance of 54.3% compared to the previous year (4,975). Even though parking space was limited due to the construction of a new stadium right next door, ‘Bossal’ fans continued to flock throughout the season. On the day it was confirmed that we would be eliminated from last place, we were able to confirm the fan spirit once again by cheering in the rain.

It was a moment that the Hanwha players and the entire club were deeply grateful for and should never forget. After the game, Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho also said, “I would like to thank our fans who stayed until the end even though the temperature dropped significantly due to the sudden rain,” and pledged, “Our players will repay the fans’ support by doing their best until the end.” 

Hanwha has the last two games remaining against Lotte in Daejeon on the 15th and 16th. If Hanwha wins both games and Samsung loses the game against Changwon NC on the 15th, they can finish in 8th place in the final rankings. Hanwha’s season is not over yet. 

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