The regular season winning team has been determined. The main characters of fall baseball have also been decided. However, the seats for three of the five teams are still up in the air.

As of the 14th, there are three third-place teams in the KBO League. SSG Landers, NC Dinos, and Doosan Bears all have 74 wins and 65 losses (0.532 winning percentage). As for the remaining games, SSG has 2 games with one more draw, and NC and Doosan have 3 games.

Initially, it was expected that Doosan would be at a more disadvantage and the joys and sorrows would change quickly. Doosan is playing an 8-game series that runs from the 10th to the 17th. It is the end of the season when the players are exhausted, and the schedule includes meetings with 2nd place KT Wiz, 1st place LG Twins, and rivals SSG and NC. Although they have now been confirmed to be eliminated from the postseason, they also faced the KIA Tigers, who were threatening 5th place.

However, Doosan is doing better than expected. They lost the first two games of the series, but have since won three games in a row. Although it was thought that they would fall, the three teams were still tight, and KIA’s elimination from the postseason, which could only advance if a team fell, was eventually confirmed.

Even though Doosan is doing well, it is still difficult to be optimistic about its high ranking. This is because the remaining schedule is also the most difficult. First, on the 15th, they will meet LG, Jamsil’s rival and the strongest team this season. Doosan is inferior this season with 5 wins and 10 losses. After September, they recovered their relative record to 3 wins and 1 loss, but the difficulty remains.

Even if we overcome LG, a two-game series with SSG awaits. On the 16th, 메이저놀이터they travel to Jamsil, home, and on the 17th, they travel to Incheon to meet SSG for two consecutive days. The problem is that SSG is also an opponent who did not have much fun. Even in the SSG match, they are absolutely inferior with 4 wins, 1 draw, and 9 losses.

Although the ranking battle with SSG can be overcome on one’s own, there is a clear difference between the advantages and disadvantages of another rival, NC. Although NC lost on the 14th, it will meet the 8th place Samsung Lions again on the 15th. KIA, which meets on the 16th and 17th, is also a team eliminated from the postseason, so unlike Doosan-SSG, there is less pressure.

If any one of the three teams wins three games, there is no need to worry. If NC wins 3 times, 3rd place is guaranteed. The winning percentage is 0.542, so Doosan also needs to win every game to keep up. However, in this case, the opponent’s record is tied at 8 wins and 8 losses, and NC, which is ahead in scoring, takes third place. Conversely, the only case in which Doosan can surpass Doosan’s 3 wins is when NC wins 3 times. And if Doosan wins 3 times, SSG will naturally lose 2, so if NC does not lose all of its games, there is a high possibility that the rankings will be sorted out.

The same holds true even if SSG wins two games against Doosan. This means that Doosan loses twice, and in this case, NC can gain the upper hand with just one more win. However, if three teams have 1 or 2 wins, the ranking should go to the final game and final win percentage.

Doosan cannot afford to throw away even a single game in a series that will ultimately lead to the final game. Unless NC and SSG lose all of their games, they need at least one more win to gain the upper hand. For now, we have no choice but to pray for a ‘miracle’ until the very end.

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