There was once a lot of expectation, but the fall does not stop.

Ebbsfleet United, a member of England’s 5th division, announced the signing of Jordan Ive (27) through its official website on the 15th (Korean time).

메이저사이트Ive seems to be a name that will be quite welcomed among soccer fans. He left fourth division side Wickham Wanderers to join Liverpool in 2012. At the time, he was only 16 years old. He is a side attack player who is good at destroying the opponent’s flank based on his strong physicality and strength.

In the 2014-15 season, he had many opportunities for a while due to injuries to the offensive line. However, he failed to become a clear starter. In particular, he was particularly greedy for dribbling, which caused complaints from Liverpool fans. He appeared in 58 games for Liverpool, scoring 4 goals and 7 assists.

Afterwards, he chose to transfer to Bournemouth in 2016. However, the slump continued in Bournemouth. It was so serious that it wasn’t until 2018 that he scored his debut goal for Bournemouth. He played for all 4 years, appearing in 92 games, scoring 5 goals and assisting 9 assists.

After that, he fell endlessly. He headed to Derby County, but only made one appearance in one season. Midway through the 2021-22 season, he joined Adanaspor (Turkiye), but he did not play a single match. After terminating his contract at the end of the season, he was left jobless until joining Epps Fleet. And eventually, he succeeded in joining the 5th division league.

It is truly a ‘fall without wings.’ He was once a promising player who roamed the sidelines of the Premier League, but quickly fell to the lower leagues.

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