Miami Marlins general manager Kim Ng, the first female general manager not only in Major League Baseball (MLB) but also in all four major North American professional sports, is leaving the team.

The Miami team officially announced on the 17th (Korean time) that general manager Kim Ng will not return next season.

“We offered Director Ng an option to renew her contract for next year, but she declined,” said owner Bruce Sherman. “We are grateful for the time she has contributed to our team.”

But Ng told “She discussed the reorganization with owner Sherman last week and there was a disagreement, so I thought it was best for me to step down.”

메이저사이트Ng became involved with baseball when he joined the Chicago White Sox as an intern in 1990, and later was recognized for his abilities and served as assistant general manager for the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Since 2011, he served as Senior Vice President of Operations at the Major League Baseball Office, and signed a three-year contract as Miami’s general manager in November 2020.

Ng led the team for three years and recorded 220 wins and 266 losses.

He led Miami to the postseason this year, but was eliminated in the wild card game with two losses to the Philadelphia Phillies.

Nevertheless, Ng, who made Miami a strong team through various trades this season, is being mentioned as a strong candidate for ‘Executive of the Year’.

Meanwhile, Miami appointed Caroline O’Connor, Chief Operating Officer, as business division president in November of last year, establishing the first female president and general manager system in North American professional sports.

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