A lot has changed.

KCC has operated a professional basketball team since the 2001-2002 season. And until the 2022-2023 season, a hometown called ‘Jeonju’ was used as the home court. We have been together for a long time in the history of professional basketball.

However, KCC moved its headquarters to Busan in the summer of 2023. And KCC’s power and color have also changed a lot. KCC, which has gone through many changes, is also considered a candidate for the championship.

# With two tall ball handlers,

KCC also spent a lot of money in the 2023 free agent market. Choi Jun-yong (200cm, F), who has physical ability, athletic ability, ball handling, and sense, was offered a total compensation of 600 million won for 2023-2024 (annual salary: 420 million won, incentive: 180 million won) over a 5-year contract period. . It captured Choi Jun-yong’s heart.
And KCC was cautious about recruiting foreign players to replace Laguna (199cm, C). The new foreign player selected by KCC after careful consideration is Alize Johnson (201cm, F). He was evaluated as a player with both ball handling and speed.
Choi Jun-yong and Johnson made their debut in the cup competition. Both players carried the ball better than most point guards. And he hit faster than most point guards. When the two played together, the speed and intimidation were enormous, and KCC attacked the opponent with quick colors.
With two tall ball handlers taking turns carrying the ball, KCC saw several advantages. Several derivative options are also created in set offense. He put his opponents to sleep with explosive firepower. This was a point where we could see positive changes at KCC.

# Factors of anxiety

KCC, which recruited Choi Jun-yong and Johnson, has a luxurious lineup. In addition to Choi Jun-yong and Johnson, there are the existing Heo Woong (185cm, G), Lee Seung-hyun (197cm, F), and La Geon-ah. There are also Jung Chang-young (193cm, G), who plays the role of a link, and Lee Ho-hyun (182cm, G), who was recruited from the free agent market.
KCC’s lineup is luxurious. However, the existing members and the newly joined members did not get along for a long time. In particular, Seung-hyun Lee and Geon-a La went to the Hangzhou Asian Games, so the starting players will have to spend a lot of time with each other.
So KCC confirmed many things in the cup competition. Although the schedule was tight, holding the final itself was a benefit to KCC. The championship trophy is a championship trophy, but it is because we were able to match each other’s total for a long time.
We also identified shortcomings and anxiety factors. ‘Defensive ups and downs’ are a representative factor. As defensive concentration fluctuated, KCC finished a game that could have been easily solved with difficulty. This is an element that will not be easily resolved even during the season. This is because defensive organization must be strengthened to minimize defensive ups and downs.먹튀검증

[Busan KCC, 2022-2023 season key indicators (based on average per game)]
1. Scoring: 78.3 points (7th)
 1) 2-point shot success rate: 50.5% (21.4/42.4) -> (8th)
 2) Paint zone scoring Success rate: 57.1% (17.0/29.7) -> (8th)
 3) 3-point shot success rate: 34.1% (7.5/22.1) -> (1st)

2. Points conceded: 79.3 points (minimum 3rd)
 1) 2-point shots allowed Rate: 52.5% (22.9/43.5) -> (4th most)
 2) Paint zone scoring rate allowed: 57.5% (18.1/37.4) -> (5th most)
 3) 3-point shot percentage allowed: 33.8% (8.4/) 24.9) (4th most)

3. Rebounds: 35.0 (7th)
4. Assists: 17.2 (6th)
5. Fast breaks: 3.5 (7th)

[Busan KCC, 2023 KBL Cup results]
1. 2023.10 .09. vs Daegu Korea Gas Corporation: 98-78 (Win)
2. 2023.10.11. vs Changwon LG: 91-89 (Win)
3. 2023.10.14. vs Suwon KT: 101-91 (Win)
4. 2023.10.15. vs Ulsan Hyundai Mobis: 81-76 (Win)

 * Cup winning

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