Following Samsung’s decision to appoint Dongeui University coach Chung Dae-hyun, a former national team pitcher, as the new Futures coach, the company plans to do its best to foster young guns by recruiting a Futures team pitching coach from outside. 

Samsung’s team ERA this season is 4.60, the lowest among the 10 teams. The Futures team’s average ERA was 5.32, ranking 4th in the Southern League. In recent years, young and talented pitchers have been collected through rookie drafts, but the assessment is that they have not developed as much as expected. 

General manager Lee Jong-yeol, who placed player development as his top priority, hinted at a reorganization of the Futures team’s coaching staff and decided to entrust the new command of the Futures team to Dongeui University pitching coach Jeong Dae-hyun. 

Futures coach Jeong Dae-hyun, who debuted as a professional in 2001 after attending Gunsan Commercial High School and Kyung Hee University, earned a reputation as the best submarine pitcher in the KBO League, with a total of 46 wins, 29 losses, 106 saves, and 121 holds (average ERA of 2.21) while playing for SK and Lotte.

Futures coach Dae-hyun Jeong’s value shined even brighter on the international stage. 2000 Sydney Olympics, 2006 1st World Baseball Classic (WBC), 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2009 2nd World Baseball Classic (WBC), 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, 2013 3rd World Baseball Classic (WBC) )안전놀이터and other international competitions. 

After retiring from active duty, Futures coach Dae-hyun Jeong received leadership training from the Seibu Lions of the Japanese professional baseball team in 2018, and has been serving as a pitching coach at Dongeui University since December 2018. He was recognized for his coaching abilities, including serving as a pitching coach for the Tokyo Olympics and Hangzhou Asian Games national team. 

Samsung plans to bring in a new pitching coach from outside along with the hiring of Futures coach Dae-hyun Jeong. It is known that he is a left-hander whose name is familiar and will serve as the pitching coach for the Future Team. 

Meanwhile, Director Lee Jong-yeol plans to maximize the training effect by introducing cutting-edge equipment such as biomechanics and drive lines. 

He said, “I don’t know what we have done so far in the case of pitchers, but we will use biomechanics to collect data once or twice a week and hold coaching staff meetings based on the data to gradually develop (the players’ abilities).” 

He also said, “We are trying to import the American drive line system and establish it. No matter how good the equipment is, it is useless if the data cannot be properly analyzed and applied to the players. He added, “We are also planning to recruit related professionals.” 

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