“I will give you compensation for your injuries.”

Spain’s Marca reported on the 19th (Korean time) that “Al Hilal can apply for compensation of up to 7.5 million euros (about 10.7 billion won) from the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) due to Neymar’s injury.”

Brazil lost 0-2 to Uruguay in the ‘2026 World Cup South American Qualifying Round 4’ held in Montevideo, Uruguay on the 18th. Brazil (2 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss) suffered its first loss. The leader is Argentina with 4 wins and no losses.

There is a bigger shock than defeat. Ace Neymar seriously injured his knee. Neymar, who was dribbling just before the end of the first half, collided with his opponent and fell. Neymar, who had severely injured his left knee, hit the ground and cried. He sensed that it was a slander.

A stretcher arrived at the ground and Neymar was transported to the ambulance. Neymar continued to cover his face with tears. This is because his sudden injury caused serious problems in his football career. Meanwhile, Neymar posted on social media, “Only God knows how injured I am. “No matter the outcome, I have faith,” he said, showing his faith.

Due to Neymar’s injury, the Brazilian national team and his team Al Hilal are in emergency condition. Brazil has fallen to third place in South America due to a 1-1 draw against Venezuela on the 13th and a shock loss against Uruguay on the 18th. Al Hilal was also in big trouble. Neymar entered the Saudi league last summer under the condition of receiving an astronomical annual salary of 150 million euros (about 220 billion won) over two years. 

Contrary to expectations for the Brazilian national team, Al Hilal, and Neymar, the injury appears to be very serious. Al Hilal said on its official SNS, “Neymar was confirmed to have ruptured anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus rupture in his knee as a result of a medical test.” It is known that Neymar will need a recovery period of at least 9 months.

Neymar, born in 1992, is facing a retirement crisis. For Al Hilal, who paid a huge salary and transfer fee to bring Neymar, it literally sounds like a bolt from the blue. The good news is that since the injury occurred during an international match, compensation can be received from FIFA.

Marca said: “FIFA must pay compensation of up to 7.5 million euros to Al Hilal under the club protection plan. The initial amount is 1.5 million euros, and thereafter it will be paid in monthly installments,” he said. “FIFA will pay 80 million euros for the project.” “We have prepared a budget of (),” he explained.

However, it was not possible to just receive compensation. Eduardo Callejo, an expert on the regulations, said, “FIFA only provides player compensation for a maximum of one year. Here, a cap on compensation has also been set. 7.5 million euros is the Maginot Line,” adding, 토토사이트“This is the Maginot Line that Al Hilal can receive from FIFA due to Neymar’s injury.” Analysis of help.

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