One of the greatest legends in English soccer history has passed away. Bobby Charlton. He became a star on Dec. 22 at the age of 86.

Charlton is a legend of English Premier League (EPL)토스카지노 giants Manchester United. He’s also an England national team legend.

He came through the United youth ranks and played a total of 17 seasons between 1956 and 1973. He played 758 games and scored 249 goals. He led his team to eight championships.

He also played a total of 106 games for the England national team, scoring 49 goals. He was part of England’s 1966 World Cup triumph, their first and last World Cup title. Charlton also won the 1996 Ballon d’Or.

The loss of one of the greatest players in England’s history has been met with tributes from many.

One of England’s legends, Gary Lineker, said: “For me, Charlton is the greatest player ever. I was lucky enough to watch him play as a kid. He was my hero, he was the hero of the English people. I was always nervous and in awe when I met him, but he was very gentle, kind, and put everyone at ease,” he remembers.

“Wherever you went in the world, even people who didn’t speak English knew two words: Bobby Charlton.”

EPL top scorer Alan Shearer said: “If you don’t watch soccer, if you haven’t seen him play, it’s hard to judge him. Charlton was a great goalie, a goalie who could score great goals. If anyone wants to know how to attack with a soccer ball, I would tell them to watch Charlton play.”

England manager Gareth Southgate said: “I had the privilege of meeting Charlton a few times. Meeting him makes you proud of English football. It gave me a better understanding of English football. The football world will be united in its sadness at the loss of an undisputed legend.”

Those from United also expressed their feelings.

“Every game he played, every title, every goal, every contribution. I never had the honor of meeting Charlton. And yet I know him. I know that he was very humble, a great man of society, and an example for England. Many players have been inspired by him.”

Wayne Rooney said: “He lived a great life, winning the World Cup and the European Cup after the Munich disaster, he is a great, absolute legend.”

Rio Ferdinand said: “An England legend, an icon. A man who deserves these words 100%,” while Gary Neville said, “I’m a Charlton fan. He won trophies with Man Utd and with England. He was a leader in the modern era. Undoubtedly the greatest player in English football. He was a champion both on and off the pitch.”

Charlton’s passing required no local emotion. Local rivals Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola said: “It’s a huge loss for his family, for United, for English football, for European football. Charlton is a great legend. On behalf of City, I would like to send my condolences to his family and to United. The EPL is what it is today because of legends like Charlton.”

Prince William, President of the English Football Association, added: “Sir Charlton was an English champion, a European champion and a world champion. A gentleman and a legend. A truly great man who will be remembered forever. Thank you.”

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