The rebirth of Korea’s first independent baseball team,토토사이트 Wonders.

The Goyang City Independent Baseball Team, which has been participating in the independent league since its first year, will be re-established in February next year.

The Goyang City Baseball Softball Association announced the news, saying, “In February of next year, the Goyang Citizen Baseball Team, Goyang Wonders, will be established. The association will take over the management of the Goyang Winners, an existing independent league team, and we are planning to operate a citizen baseball team with Goyang City.” It has been delivered.

As a result, Goyang City can again use the team name Wonders, which was the name of the first independent league baseball team in Korea when it was founded. Goyang Wonders, where coach Kim Seong-geun, who is currently leading JTBC’s strongest baseball Monsters team, was with him from the beginning to the end, was founded in 2012 and played in exchange matches with three professional teams until the 2014 season.

In addition, the association said, “With the new system, we plan to expand the players’ horizons in baseball and open the way for them to study baseball in the U.S.” and conveyed their intention to help them plan their second lives in addition to trying again as pros. come.

Goyang Winners, who are currently participating in the Gyeonggi Province Independent League, set a record for winning the inaugural league and ranked 4th this year. After its founding, Kim Gyu-nam, Kim Do-hwan, Oh Se-hoon, and Choi Soo-bin successfully re-entered the professional ranks.

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