Tottenham extend lead at the top of the table to seven points with win over Fulham
Son Heung-min explodes after Kane move
The complete striker transformation… “His potential exploded after Kane”토스카지노
Tottenham better than they were without Kane as they unearth James Maddison

Son Heung-min celebrates his seventh league goal.

[Financial News = Sang-il Jeon] At this point, it’s safe to say that Sky Sports’ analysis is accurate. Sky Sports recently analyzed Son Heung-min and concluded that Kane’s transfer was not a bad thing for Tottenham.

“All six of his goals in the Premier League have come from inside the box, highlighting the change in position. In fact, Postecoglou prefers his strikers to come in from behind and play as center backs, so Son may be a more natural fit in this system than Kane.

Son Heung-min’s playing style has changed dramatically since Kane’s departure (Photo: Yonhap)

Sky Sports went on to say, “It is still questionable to say that losing one of the best players of all time can work in a team’s favor. It’s too early to say Tottenham won’t miss Kane,” but emphasized that Kane’s departure hasn’t been a bad thing for Spurs.

“Spurs still have a selfless striker who scores goals and creates space for those around him. He is a perfect fit for the new manager’s style of play. The sale of Kane is working in Spurs’ favor. “Believe it or not, Kane’s departure is also working for Son Heung-min,” he said, emphasizing the fact that Kane’s departure has opened up new possibilities for Son, which is a positive for Spurs.

Tottenham Hotspur’s Son Heung-min.

Tottenham have found another Son Heung-min. James Maddison.

This was evident on October 24 against Fulham. Playing up front, Son was free to roam through space against Fulham and eventually opened the scoring in the 36th minute with a perfect winding run. He took a pass from Xherdan Shaqiri and beat two defenders before slotting the ball into the back of the net.

In the second 10 minutes, we saw Madison. He had another shot at goal from the top of the arc, but he passed the ball to Madison for a more perfect opportunity, and when he got a one-on-one, Madison simply slotted it home. It was Son’s first assist of the season.

James Maddison (center) and Son Heung-min (right) teamed up perfectly for the assist.

Heung-min certainly doesn’t score as often from dribbling runs as he once did. However, he is getting the ball inside the penalty box much more often, and it’s his concise play in there that is leading to goals. As Sky Sports put it, it’s a new discovery for Son Heung-min. Add to that the emergence of good friend James Maddison, and Tottenham have found another Son Heung-min.

Son only had two shots on target on the day, but he converted one of them into a goal. He also made four key passes and three off the dribble.

After the game, Son was named Man of the Match in a fan poll on the English Premier League’s website, receiving 59% of the 38,608 votes cast.

Tottenham moved to the top of the table with seven wins and two draws, led by Son Heung-min
This is the third time Son has been named Man of the Match in a league game this season, following his performances against Burnley in Round 4 and Liverpool in Round 7.

Sites specializing in soccer statistics also gave Son high ratings. gave him a rating of 8.91 and Footmob gave him a rating of 8.7, the highest for both teams.

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