Galatasaray (Turkey) goalkeeper Fernando Muslera was praised for his ‘best humanity.’

Muslera received great applause by preventing the opponent from colliding during the match against Turkey’s Super Lig Besiktas held at the Neff Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey on the 22nd (local time). In the match, Galatasaray defeated Besiktas 2-1.

During the game, Valentin Rosie advanced to score after receiving a pass from Besiktas’ Ante Rebic. Rosie tried to slide and shoot all the way to the end, but the ball did not reach Rosie’s feet. It was a sliding attempt inside the penalty box, and Rosie, who could not overcome the speed, almost collided with the goal post.굿모닝토토 도메인

At this time, Muslera stepped forward. Muslera fell toward the goal to interfere with and block Rosie’s shot. I fell and watched Rosie sliding. Muslera pushed Rosie to the outside of the pitch, preventing him from colliding with the goal post. It was a scene where Muslera’s ‘camaraderie’ shined.

On social media, many people praised Muslera’s actions. He called it ‘good sportsmanship, humanity at its finest’ and praised it as ‘a great defender and an even better human being, and it should be called the definition of sportsmanship.’

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