Inter Milan fans are ready to boo Lukaku.

Italian media ‘Calcio Mercato’ reported on the 26th (Korean time), ‘A spokesperson for Inter Ultras, who was communicating through the official Instagram channel, asked how Lukaku would be welcomed in the upcoming match between Inter Milan and Roma. ‘It was explained,’ it reported.

Lukaku has scored just eight Premier League goals for Chelsea during the 2021/22 season, and in an interview with Sky Italia he admitted he was “not happy” and revealed his desire to return to Inter Milan, hurting the hearts of the club and fans.

Lukaku was the hottest player in this summer transfer market. He went on loan to Inter Milan last season and wanted a permanent transfer rather than returning to Chelsea (England). Chelsea wanted to let Lukaku go quickly as their relationship was not good. Accordingly, the Saudi Pro League made an offer to Lukaku, but he declined the offer as he wanted to challenge himself in Europe.

Lukaku, who seemed destined to be a fixture at Inter Milan, made a shocking move. While he was negotiating with Inter Milan, he was also in contact with Juventus (Italy). As both teams are competing to advance to the Champions League, Lukaku’s actions were a huge betrayal for Inter Milan. Immediately after this fact, Inter Milan withdrew from signing Lukaku.

Discord with colleagues also grew. On July 22nd (Korean time), Italian media ‘Gazzetta’ reported, ‘Everyone, including captain Lautaro, was disappointed with Lukaku’s actions. Among them, there were players who were in constant contact with him, but Lukaku ignored all their contacts,’ he said, reporting that Lukaku and his teammates had taken a path of no return.

Accordingly, Juventus suggested a method called a Vlahovic-Lukaku trade with Chelsea. Chelsea offered to pay Lukakueda an additional 25 million euros (approximately KRW 36.1 billion), but the deal fell through as Juventus demanded 40 million euros (approximately KRW 57.9 billion).

Now Rome has entered the war. He signed a one-year loan deal with Roma on August 31 (Korean time), taking a significant cut in his weekly wages.

Now ‘Gazzetta’ has revealed why Lukaku broke up with Inter Milan. According to ‘Gazzetta’, Inter directors and Lukaku first contacted each other to negotiate a permanent transfer, and Lukaku sent a training video, saying that he was improving his physical condition during the summer.

But at the same time, officials felt Lukaku was not as enthusiastic about a move to Inter as he was last year. The biggest hint was Lukaku’s absence from the wedding of his Inter teammate Di Marco. The two players maintained a close relationship off the pitch, and Dimarco’s wedding hall was a meeting place for all Inter players.

Inter received word from Chelsea, their negotiating partner, that Lukaku was willing to negotiate with other clubs. Chelsea and Inter negotiated and reached an agreement for a complete transfer. However, Inter began to doubt Lukaku, who showed no response even though negotiations with Chelsea were progressing positively.

Finally, Inter were in confusion over Lukaku, who could not be reached despite an agreement with Chelsea. All Inter players also tried to contact Lukaku, but no one could hear him back.

And Inter learned that Lukaku was in fact negotiating with Juventus and AC Milan. According to Gazzetta, Inter directors later gathered the players together and asked if they could reconcile with Lukaku, but the players had no intention of doing so.

Inter Ultras said: “When Lukaku came back, we gave him confidence. Because I firmly believed that he would keep his word. But he made the same mistake again. “Lukaku ran away from Milan like a thief and did not even contact his teammates.”

They continued: “Lukaku will receive the welcome he deserves. “In a different way than Mourinho, who left Inter 13 years ago but still enjoys our welcome,” he warned.

In the end, Lukaku had to look for a team other than Inter. Lukaku eventually came to Italy, 굿모닝토토but not to Juventus or AC Milan, but to Rome. Lukaku is scheduled to play in the match between Inter Milan and Roma at 2 a.m. on the 30th (Korean time).

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