A scoring machine that runs as soon as it starts.

We start with the top play with the story of Holland, who quenched his thirst for goals in the Champions League.

토스카지노Manchester City on an expedition to Switzerland Young Boys.

Akinji took the lead with the first goal, but four minutes later allowed the opponent to tie the game on a counterattack.

Now it was Holan’s turn to step in and open the scoring by scoring a penalty kick.

At the end of the game, he beats one person and shoots!

Multiple goals regardless of left or right foot!

37 goals in 33 Champions League games!

We are well on our way to becoming the top scorer in the tournament for the second time in a row.


Porto gave up the first goal to the home team Antwerp.

Evany Wusong’s one-man show now begins.

Tied 1-1 with a surprise shot!

Here’s another goal with a picturesque volley!

And he completes a hat trick with a shot that goes over the goalkeeper’s key.

Porto’s 4-1 comeback win.


The last one is Wonder Goal.

Tap, drive, and shoot! It’s in!

Leipzig Simmons’ cannonball mid-range gun!

It has been a top play so far.

“This video can  be viewed on the MBC News website due to copyright reasons.”

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