Coach Choi Won-kwon, who leads Daegu FC, a citizen club,
advanced to Final A in 5th place, and offered
sincere congratulations to Ulsan for winning the game without winning in the last two games
. Ahead of the Gwangju match, “I will give you joy by winning.”

“Congratulations on winning Ulsan.”

Coach Choi Won-kwon (42), who leads the citizen club Daegu FC, suffered a defeat that confirmed the opponent’s championship at Ulsan Hyundai’s home stadium on the 29th, but the first words he said in front of reporters after the game were ‘Congratulations on Ulsan’s victory.’ And he once again said, “I sincerely congratulate you.”

Coach Choi, who secured qualification for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) and said to fans, “I will take them on an international flight,” highly evaluated Ulsan’s win, calling it “great and valuable,” even though defeat was bound to be bitter.

Coach Choi, who said before the game, “I desperately want to win,” was asked how he felt at the postgame press conference, but he said, “Of course I feel very bad when I lose,” but added, “Apart from that, (Ulsan’s win) was pure. “Congratulations,” he replied.

Even after finishing the press conference, Coach Choi approached the Ulsan team employee who hosted the event and asked to shake his hand. This is the quality of ‘defeat’ shown by a first-year coach.

Daegu accumulated 49 points in 33 regular league games and succeeded in advancing to Final A (1st to 6th place teams) in 5th place, but fell to 6th place after losing to Jeonbuk Hyundai in the first game of the final round.

And then we met Ulsan in the second game. They failed to win in 11 consecutive games away to Ulsan, but if they lost again this time, Ulsan was confirmed to be the winner, and Daegu was given the modifier ’12 consecutive games winless’.

The media also paid attention to Ulsan’s possibility of an early victory. The pressure on the Daegu players on their trip to Ulsan must have been different from before. Still, Director Choi said this.

“I know that Ulsan is a strong team and all motivation is focused on today’s game. I want to feel the pleasure of overcoming that and winning. “I think playing in a game with tremendous pressure will be of great help to me and our players.”

As a result, Daegu lost 0-2 to Ulsan. There was a chance to score, but we couldn’t save it. Still, Coach Choi said, “The players worked hard in front of the fans until the end. “It deserves applause,” he encouraged.

Regarding Lee Geun-ho, who started against Ulsan and played 45 minutes in the first half, he said, “I did well today. I think we would have done well even if we had gone in the second half. “I think this is a meaningful game for (Lee) Geun-ho, who is also from Ulsan,” he said.

There are now three remaining games. They will play at home on the 11th of next month against Gwangju FC (3rd place, 57 points), led by coach Lee Jeong-hyo, a matchmaker. Afterwards, they will face Pohang Steelers (2nd place, 60 points) and Incheon United (5th place, 52 points) in turn.

For Daegu, who have not won in three league games, their goal is to win against Gwangju. But Gwangju is not easy either. Although Gwangju lost to Incheon on the 28th, it was a scary team that defeated leader Ulsan at home.

Coach Choi said, “I want to win each game and give joy to the fans. 굿모닝토토“I think that is the best motivation and my mission,” he said, adding, “It will definitely not be easy against Gwangju, but since it is a game played at home, I will prepare well.”

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