Gwangju’s ‘geniuses’ of 2003 have united. Kim Do-young (20-KIA) and Moon Dong-joo (20-Hanwha) wear the Taeguk mark side by side. Their determination is burning brightly. Fearless.

The Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) 2023 squad convened on May 5. They gathered at the hostel for orientation and started training on the sixth. Kim Do-young and Moon Dong-ju are among them.

Moon wore the national team’s uniform for the second consecutive time after the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. In Hangzhou, he pitched two games and helped South Korea win the gold medal. His six-inning no-hitter in the final against Chinese Taipei paved the way for the gold medal.

Kim didn’t make it to the Asian Games. It wasn’t that he wasn’t good enough, but other players were, and he was outstanding in the league. In 84 games, he hit .303 with seven home runs, 47 RBIs, 25 doubles, and an OPS of .824.

While he didn’t play a lot of games due to injuries, his numbers were significantly better than his first year in 2022. Based on this, he was selected to the APBC national team. For now, Ryu sees him as a third baseman.

He has been a “national ball” since high school. He was considered the best pitcher and hitter in his high school. Both players were born in Gwangju and went to school there. In the pros, it was a mixed bag. Kia chose Kim Do-young, while Moon Dong-joo wore a Hanwha uniform, and these geniuses played together under the Korean flag.

This is a tournament featuring young players from Korea, Australia, Taiwan, and Japan, as well as younger players. It’s the “future” of each league. These are the players you’ll see in the future. I don’t want to lose.

Kim Do-young said, “I’m coming to announce myself to the world. I think I need to do something big to make it known. Of course, I don’t think about it. I just keep imagining it. I want to accomplish something without getting injured at a crucial moment. I want to hit at a crucial moment,” he emphasized.

He also expressed his expectations for the match against Japan. “The next Lee Jong-beom,” he said. Lee Jong-beom was a strong player against Japan. Kim Do-young can be the same. 무지개토토 도메인

“My seniors told me, ‘You should come and experience Japanese pitchers.’ I was curious. I watched the video and the ball was very good. I want to hit it. I have a clear goal. I will come when I grow up,” he explained.

“I’m here because I was selected for the national team. Everyone has a goal. Australia, Taiwan, and Japan all have good players. I want to come back with a solid experience,” he said.

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