The phrase “whatever it takes” means that durability must be prioritized over any other value. As the LCK’s last hope, T1 will be taking on three LPL teams in the quarterfinals. As OSEN found out, three LCK teams have stepped up to help T1 in their Rold Cup journey.

After the knockout stages of the quarterfinals, the Rold Cup inevitably became a three-on-three matchup between the LCK and LPL. With Genji and KT out of the picture, T1 is the lone survivor and the only one to make it to the quarterfinals. Some would say there is hope, recalling the 2021 Rold Cup quarterfinals two years ago, but rather than take a chance, T1 found their own way.

Three LCK teams, including Guangdong, have stepped up to help T1 practice for the Rold Cup. T1 swept the 2023 LOL World Championship (Rolld Cup) Quarterfinals against LNG at Sajik Indoor Gymnasium in Busan on May 5, using a dominant operation that included a perfect dragon objective from the first set to win 3-0. The only LCK team to advance to the quarterfinals. They proved to be the hope of the LCK by stopping the LPL top four.

However, with three LPL teams competing against them, the lone LCK team’s inability to easily find practice opponents against T1 has become a concern.

Acting head coach Lim Jae-hyun’s coaching philosophy, which does not favor uncertain values such as ‘routines’ and ‘jinxes’, also decided to explore other methods in the current one-on-three situation.

Speaking to OSEN after the quarterfinals, Lim said, “It’s difficult because we’re competing with other leagues, but we decided to get help from LCK teams. A few teams were willing to help us. Rather than practicing with LPL teams to prepare for the quarterfinals and finals, we want to achieve our goals with the help of LCK teams,” he said about his future training plans.

One of those teams is Guangdong. Head coach Kim Dae-ho mentioned in a personal broadcast that they are helping T1 practice for the Rold Cup. OSEN has confirmed that three teams, including Guangdong, are serving as T1’s scrimmage opponents. 보스토토

“We don’t consider it a routine or a jinx to be undefeated against the LPL in the Rold Cup stage. With the pride of the league on the line, I think it’s the best way for us to practice for sure if we want to win. Once again, we are grateful to the teams that have agreed to help us.”

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