Woori Card middle blocker Park Jun-hyuk helped the team to victory in his first start of the season.
Woori Card won the men’s Dodram 2023-2024 V-League match against Korea Electric Power in three sets to one (25-21 25-23 19-25 25-20) at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on Monday.

Woori Card, who made a splash in the first round with five wins and one loss, continued their strong showing in the second round. With three more points, Woori Card (17 points) moved into first place, ahead of Samsung Fire (5-1, 14 points), who have played one game less.

Woori Card received even scoring from its attackers, including Matei (21 points), Han Sung-jeong and Kim Ji-han (13 points apiece). In addition, Park Jun-hyuk, making his first appearance as a middle blocker this season, performed beyond expectations.

In this match, Lee stepped up to the plate as the starting middle blocker after starter Park Jin-woo was unable to play due to a sore right knee.

Park more than lived up to expectations. Three of his five points came from blocked shots, and he was perfect on offense, scoring two fastbreak points. Woori Card coach Shin Young-cheol said after the game, “We can give them 100 points.”

After the game, Park Jun-hyuk said, “We were too motivated and made a lot of mistakes. I made too many errors that I shouldn’t have,” and said, “Out of 10 points, I think I can give my performance about 3 points.” Park Jun-hyuk is usually a player with a lot of errors, but he did not record any errors on this day. However, he was dissatisfied with his play.

Park Jun-hyuk took to the court early, an hour before the start of the match, to practice his serve.

He said, “Still, the coach told me to practice my serve a lot. My goal today was to hit the target without making any errors, and I succeeded without making any errors, so I’m satisfied with my serve,” he said. “I usually practice my toss before a match rather than my serve, but today I practiced in advance to get a feel for it.”

Park Jun-hyuk has been focusing on his floater serve this year. “Originally, I preferred to wind up and hit the ball, but recently I’ve been practicing my no-rotation serve intensively. I think it worked well today,” he said, adding, “I think the impact of the new ball makes it harder for opposing receivers to receive floater serves. It’s not perfect yet, but I need to practice a little more.”

Park Jun-hyuk faced off against KEPCO’s middle blocker Shin Young-seok at the front row. He struggled to block Shin’s attacks, but was able to pull off some blocks. 보스토토 도메인

Park Jun-hyuk said, “I prepared a lot, but (Shin) Young-seok is a player who hits fastballs very well. I anticipated it and blocked it, but he hit it wrong. I was a little disappointed,” he said, but added, “I’m satisfied that I was able to block Tice’s attack course as Young-seok couldn’t catch his brother.”

Woori Card, who finished second in the first round with a 5-1 record, got off to a fresh start by winning their first game of the second round.

“Last season, we also made the playoffs, but this season, before we even started, people said we were weak,” Park Jun-hyuk said.

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