Olympic coach Hwang Sun-hong, 55, was on the operating table shortly after the Hangzhou Asian Games. It was his knee. Huang was a fighter throughout the Asian Games. In September, Huang moved into two houses. In Changwon, he coached both the Hangzhou Asian Games team and the Olympic team in the first qualifying round for the Paris Olympics. It was a hard march. He had a tight morning and afternoon schedule. Huang, who had suffered from knee problems since his playing days, eventually broke down. She iced it every night. After qualifying for the first round of the Olympic Games, he went straight to Hangzhou, where he led the Asian Games team through excruciating pain. Hwang won the gold medal in a literally flawless race, winning all seven games.

After the Games, Hwang had a hectic schedule, first undergoing knee surgery. He was inundated with requests for events and interviews, but he prioritized his recovery. The reason was to prepare for the Paris Olympics. The Olympic team will compete in the 2024 U-23 Asian Cup in Qatar next April, the final Asian qualifying tournament for men’s soccer for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. South Korean soccer holds the world record for most consecutive Olympic appearances. After qualifying for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games for the eighth consecutive time, South Korea extended its record to nine consecutive appearances at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Hwang is hoping to make history by qualifying for the 10th consecutive Olympic Games with a top-three finish.

It’s a big deal for Hwang, too. Although he won a gold medal, the Asian Games were an interim step; the Olympics are his true test. Hwang has stated that he hopes to use the Olympics as a springboard to become a national team coach. In the midst of his preparations for the Asian Games, Hwang continued to live in a two-room apartment in order to prepare for the Olympics. The training camp in France is the first step toward the full-scale trip to Paris. The team left the country on the 13th. 보스토토 주소

Hwang will have two valuable trials in France. In Le Havre, France, she will play a practice match against a local professional team on the 17th, and on the 20th, she will play an exhibition match against the French U-21 national team, coached by “legendary goalkeeper” Thierry Henry. It’s a great opportunity for the team to get an early taste of the Paris Olympics and see where the action is. Hwang has selected all of the players in the age group who are active in the K League, including the Europeans. In particular, as the tournament in France is a preparation for the U-23 Asian Cup, he minimized the European squad, which is not easy to select in April, and built a roster centered on keeper players. Along the way, there were twists and turns as injuries occurred and substitutions were made.

“The U-23 Asian Cup in April next year is the most important thing,” said Huang, who is still reeling from his victory at the Hangzhou Asian Games. “The age group is different from the Asian Games, so we have to put together a new team. We will keep the same tactics while adapting to the players’ characteristics, but we will also consider different situations.” “There is no such thing as an easy victory. We need to be prepared,” said Hwang, who has been to 10 consecutive Olympic Games.

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