Harry Kane has described his Tottenham ‘chemistry’ partner Son Heung-min as the best player he has ever played with in any of the ‘perfect striker’ attributes.
After 19 years at Tottenham, Kane left for German Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich in a £100 million move ahead of this season.

He and Son Heung-min spent eight seasons together at Spurs, forming a partnership that would be the envy of any player.

Together, they scored 47 goals for Spurs. Of those goals, Son scored 24 and Kane scored 23. It was one of the best striking partnerships ever.

When Kane left Tottenham, the responsibility of leading the club fell to Son Heung-min. In total, Son made 13 appearances this season, scoring eight goals and providing one assist.

Kane has continued to go from strength to strength at Bayern Munich, scoring a whopping 21 goals and providing seven assists in 16 appearances this season.

As such, it was expected that Kane would top Son Heung-min in at least one of the ‘perfect striker’ attributes.

However, in a video posted by ESPN UK on social media on Tuesday, Kane did not name Son Heung-min in any of the eight ‘perfect striker’ attributes.

Kane’s top picks for each attribute are as follows

Movement – Edinson Cavani
Speed – Cristiano Ronaldo
Header – Peter Crouch
Finishing – Harry Kane (he chose himself)
Strength – Didier Drogba
Dribbling – Kylian Mbappe
Link-up play – Wayne Rooney
Activity – Jude Bellingham

“Kane could have answered with the logic that Son Heung-min was not a striker when he was at the club, so he may not have considered him as an option for these questions,” said Tottenham fan site SpursWeb. In other words, Kane may not have thought of Son as a striker. 무지개토토

However, SpursWeb nonetheless concludes, “Ideally, we would say that Son is the best in one or two attributes. In terms of pace and work rate, he could definitely be an option,” he lamented.

“Kane had a beautiful relationship with Son on the pitch and it could have been a mistake. We shouldn’t take it too seriously,” he added.

Meanwhile, some fans reacted to Kane’s choice of Mbappe as the best in the dribbling category, saying, “It’s ridiculous. How can Mbappe be a better dribbler than Lionel Messi,” while others retorted.

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