“I wanted to show that the levels of the first and second divisions are different,” said Lee Kwang-hyuk, who scored the decisive goal to keep Suwon FC alive, explaining the reason for the provocative ceremony.

Suwon FC defeated Busan I-Park 5-2 in the second leg of the ‘Hana OneQ K League 2023’ promotion playoffs at Suwon Sports Complex on September 9 at 2 p.m. After losing the first leg 1-2, Suwon made the aggregate score 6-4 with the victory and secured retention in K League 1. Busan’s bid for promotion for the first time in four years came up short.

Suwon FC, who were already at a disadvantage after losing the first leg, faced the worst possible situation when they conceded a goal in the first 15 minutes. The turnaround started in the second half. Lopez and Lee Kwang-hyuk were introduced at the start of the second half, and the tide of the match turned in the opposite direction. In the end, Suwon FC scored five goals in the second half from the 78th minute to extra time to win 5-2 on aggregate.

Lee Kwang-hyuk came on as a substitute at the start of the second half. He was impressive throughout the match with his trademark fine dribbling runs and helped Suwon FC take control of the game, unlike in the first half. In the first five minutes of extra time, he scored the goal that gave Suwon FC the lead on aggregate.

“My touch was shorter than I thought, and my first step was twisted. I thought I could take it slow because there was a defender behind me and it would be hard for another defender to come out, and it was also my favorite spot, so I kicked it. I couldn’t see the goalie, just the net. I thought, ‘The keeper can’t move,’ and I knew it went in instinctively,” he said.

Lee Kwang-hyuk commented on Suwon’s second-half comeback, saying, “During our meeting, we watched videos of the last match against Daejeon (23.04.09, Suwon FC 5-3) and Gangwon (23.08.19, Suwon FC 2-1). First, we watched the video of how we came back from a goal down, and I thought, “If we play well, we can do this.” (Jung) Jae-yong came off the bench after a long time and told the bench players, “We can do it, let’s go in and turn it around,” and it happened. Jae-yong’s strength was huge. I think it’s because he kept telling us to stay positive and that’s why it worked out so well,” he said, adding that they never gave up until the end.

Another highlight of the game was a provocative ceremony. In the first half, Busan I-Park’s Choi Jun performed a provocative gesture toward the home team’s Suwon supporters after scoring the first goal. Lee Kwang-hyuk responded by pointing to Suwon’s emblem and displaying the number 1 near the Busan away end after scoring in extra time. 무지개토토 도메인

Commenting on the ceremony, Lee Kwang-hyuk said, “We did a ceremony to show that we are the first team and have the advantage. We wanted to show that the levels of the first and second divisions are different. In the first half, our opponent did the same thing in front of our fans, so it was a response to that,” he explained.

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