Choi Dae-eop, a pitcher in the Major League Baseball FA market, is from the Japanese professional baseball (NPB), not the big leaguer.

Orix Buffaloes right-hander Yoshinobu Yamamoto has been posted and is receiving a lot of love calls from big market clubs. MLB Network reporter John Heyman said on the 15th (Korea time), “Seven teams including the Dodgers, Yankees, Mets, Giants, Red Sox, Blue Jays and Phillies are participating in the game to recruit Yamamoto. The two most advanced teams (co-favorites) are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees.”

Yamamoto has already completed his first negotiations with the two teams. He met with officials from the New York Yankees on June 12, and visited Dodger Stadium on June 14. Notably, key Dodgers members Shohei Ohtani, Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman and Will Smith were dispatched to the Dodger Stadium to give him a good reception. Considering Ohtani and Yamamoto’s close relationship, one can see how much the Dodgers want him.

Local media generally believe that the Dodgers went closer to Yamamoto than the Yankees.

FOX Sports commentator and columnist Ben Verlander said on Sunday that although the New York Mets are likely to have offered Yamamoto the most, he will ultimately choose between the Dodgers and Yankees, adding that both teams have strengthened their offensive capabilities. The Dodgers have recruited Ohtani and the Yankees have recruited Juan Soto.

Dodgers and Yankees are equally agonizing over starting pitchers. Both teams had difficulties due to poor starting pitchers this season. That’s why they are doing their best to Yamamoto. 월카지노

Verlander said, “Yamamoto is an ace who can completely upset the game of the starting rotation. In the case of the Dodgers, Ohtani cannot throw next year, so Yamamoto will play the ace right away,” adding, “Yamamoto must be thinking that he and Ohtani will lead Japan to the World Baseball Classic title in March and then become a team with Ohtani again in the Major League. As Ohtani decided to receive most of his annual salary later, the Dodgers can offer Yamamoto a very satisfactory offer.”

When Ohtani agreed to a 10-year contract with the Dodgers, he agreed to receive 680 million dollars, or 97.1 percent of the 700 million dollars, between 2034 and 2043, after the contract period. He will be paid 2 million dollars every year from next year to 2033. Due to the “deferred” payment, the current value of 700 million dollars will be reduced to 460.81 million dollars according to the Labor-Management Collective Agreement (CBA) calculation method of the Major League Baseball.

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