Shinhan Bank failed to escape a losing streak.

Incheon Shinhan Bank lost 63-84 to Cheongju KB Stars, although Kim So-na (15 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists), Lee Da-yeon (15 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist) and Beul (10 points, 2 assists) fought hard at Woori Bank’s Woori WON 2023-24 Women’s Professional Basketball held at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon on the 15th.

As a result, Shinhan suffered four consecutive losses and 11 losses (one win). It is still at the bottom of the list.

In the game against KB Stars, where Park Ji-soo exists, there was only one attack loss that Shinhan Bank could make. It is also a method that Asan Woori Bank uses against KB Stars.

The key is 5-0 offensives. It is also an attack strategy that Shinhan Bank, which has no choice but to operate a small lineup due to the absence of Kim Tae-yeon and Byun So-jeong, can use.

It is a method of creating space inside by pulling Park Ji-soo to the outside, or creating an outside shot chance through rolling play. It can be said that it is the only way to maximize the attack power by minimizing Park Ji-soo’s excellent block shooting ability.

In the first half, Shinhan had a close game, effectively carrying out the attack with an organic ball flow added to the ideal court balance and added concentration.

Eight three-point shots were attempted, six split the rim, and the player matching Park Ji-soo aggressively broke through and scored. Kim Sonia, Lee Da-yeon, and Beul also joined the three-point shooting ranks, and Kim Sonia and Lee Da-yeon alternately showed efficient breakthrough scenes against Park Ji-soo.

Despite falling behind 8-22 in the rebound fight in the first half, Shinhan could only allow a 40-46 and six-point lead due to the effective implementation of the 5-0 motion offensives. It felt like the game was on an equal footing.

Shinhan Bank’s motion offens was effective until the beginning of the third quarter. Kim Ji-young scored a series of open three-point chances made after the rolling play. It was this time.

Since then, Shinhan Bank rarely listened to the attack. It was shaken by a combination of factors such as poor physical strength and foul trouble. And he gave up the gap little by little, and in the end, he experienced a 20-point inferiority and could not escape the losing streak.

It was half a success.

After the game, coach Gunathan said, “Today’s players fought in the form that they prepared, but it wasn’t an easy game. It wasn’t an easy game because there were still a lot of injuries among our members. Still, I think today’s players did a great job.”

“The rotation we are using is a small lineup. We have a good chance only when the pass network is tight, and the opponent’s defense was so good, but the accuracy of our pass deteriorated too much as we passed by. As the error came out, the players’ minds became urgent. Then, I don’t think I had a good shooting chance in the second half,” he said.

Shinhan could not avoid a crushing defeat. It also lost 65-68 against Woori on the 11th. It could have avoided losing consecutive games. In the second half of the fourth quarter, there was a time when the team was on the verge of victory, making a turnaround. However, it failed to overcome the last crisis and lost. 랭크카지노

The process was much higher than the previous games, not unlike the game on the day. I look forward to the performance that is changing little by little, and I hope that the game will perform well in the future.

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