a victory made beyond a strong opponent.

On the 17th, in Inje-gun, Gangwon State, the “Heavenly Inje 2023 National Youth Basketball Competition” was completed. The competition was hosted and hosted by the Korea Basketball Association at three locations other than the Inje Multipurpose Gymnasium (Inje Indoor Gymnasium and Nammyeon Gymnasium).

In the final of the U15th division, the highest basketball class beat Goyang SK 38-29 to win. The MVP was Cho Jae-kyun, the highest basketball class, (3rd year of cloud middle school).

“This is my second win at a national youth competition,” Cho Jae-gyun said. “I started playing basketball when I was a fourth grader and participated in the competition consistently. This victory is all the more valuable as I was able to overcome difficult teams one by one.”

He talked about “competition” as the charm of basketball. “I’m always excited on the eve of a competition. Unlike a five-on-five training session, it’s fun and exciting for teams to compete,” Choi said. “Choi always emphasizes defense, boxout and rebound. Personally, I’m confident in stealing and fastballs.” 랭크카지노

Cho Jae-kyun, who finished the last competition as a middle school student, naturally aims to win as a high school student.

“Even if I become a high school student, I will continue to play basketball. I want to come to the tournament and win. Not only that, but I also want to continue to enjoy basketball in the future,” he said.

The Heavenly Inje 2023 National Youth Basketball Competition was sponsored by Inje-gun, Inje-gun Council, Inje-gun Sports Council, I.S. Dongseo, KB Kookmin Bank, Prospex, Malten Korea, and Wise Bio.

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