Tottenham is looking for a new striker. It is reported that they have already contacted the Bundesliga’s top scorer candidate.
“Son Heung-min is showing an amazing performance, but manager Enze Postecoglou still thinks he lacks strikers,” the soccer-specialized “TBR Football” reported on the 19th (Korea time). “Tottenham has contacted a 15 million pound striker who said he grew up watching Harry Kane’s video.”

“When Postecoglou first came to Tottenham, there were quite a few players who wanted to recruit him but couldn’t bring him in,” he said. “Now he is facing a proper transfer market for the first time with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy.”

According to the media, the striker Tottenham wants is Stuttgart’s key striker Seru Gira. Postecoglou is said to have already contacted Girashi.

Giraffe has scored 19 goals in 15 official matches this season, boasting his outstanding scoring ability. He has scored 16 goals in the league, ranking second after Kane. He was the leading scorer early in the season but faltered for a while after suffering a hamstring injury, but he is still considered the most promising candidate along with Kane for the top scorer in the Bundesliga.

Just like Kirashi, who has experienced physical conditions similar to Kane, he is good at shooting, dribbling, and connecting things. To Girashi, Kane is like a role model. “Girashi studied how Kane was successful,” media reported. “I watch and learn a lot of soccer videos. I like to analyze how Kane, Robert Lewandowski and Erling Holland move,” Girashi told the British newspaper. “Learning from the best and scoring goals is like art.” 월카지노
The media said, “It seems like it is still in the early stages of negotiations, but for Tottenham, this 27-year-old striker can be an interesting option.” Tottenham is said to have the right conditions to raise it as the second Kane.

Postecoglou reportedly wants to recruit players as soon as possible in the upcoming winter transfer market. According to the British newspaper The Athletic, Postecoglou joked that he wrote a letter to Santa Claus himself. “Just like kids, I’m trying to see if I can get a gift from him, whether I did something bad or good.”

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