“If I didn’t change my batting form and couldn’t, would I have done this to me?” This is why “148.3 billion big leaguer” Lee Jung-hoo returned to his batting form.

San Francisco Giants’ Lee Jung-hoo. Finally, the future of the superstar has been confirmed. After seven years since his professional debut, Lee Jung-hoo entered the Major League with 113 million U.S. dollars. This hefty sum is equivalent to the highest annual salary in his team.

Lee Jung-hoo’s record and future potential led San Francisco to make a bold investment. Lee Jung-hoo started to dominate the KBO league as soon as he wore the Nexen Heroes (currently Kiwoom) uniform as the first pick in 2017. In 144 games, he won the Rookie of the Year title with 179 hits, 60 walks and a batting average of 0.324 OPS. Lee Jung-hoo is the only rookie who played in all games in his first year. It is the only record in the league.

As Lee Jung-hoo showed remarkable performance, his eyes were on Lee as well. He is the son of Lee Jong-beom, a baseball genius who is called Son of the Wind. Lee Jung-hoo had to be more careful and do better. He wanted to live with his name and solidified himself into a superstar. His WAR (contribution to victory over substitute players) last year was a whopping 9.23. This means that he has nine more wins for his team. The record from his debut season is 3.66-3.75-4.88-5.56-9.23-3.70. He has consistently contributed significantly.

He swept all the awards. He has been named the Golden Glove for five consecutive years, the batting champion for two consecutive years, and the MVP of the 2022 season. Among the numerous titles, he is the world’s first richest man in the world. This is a milestone that even the Major League does not have. His father Lee Jong-beom (former coach of the LG Twins) ranked first in batting average (0.393) and MVP when he was playing for the Haitai Tigers in 1994. Twenty-eight years later, Lee also set a unique record by winning the No. 1 batting average (0.349) and MVP in 2022. The father and son also both dominated Korean baseball at the age of 24 and challenged Korean baseball in other countries.

Lee Jung-hoo, who peaked, was bold even with the changes. He revised his batting form, which had dominated the KBO League, in 2023. He wanted to upgrade himself and prepare for the Major League. Was the sharp attention paid to the genius’s drastic change heavy? Lee Jung-hoo showed a lack of satisfaction early in the season, hitting the 10% level. The slump got prolonged, and Lee Jung-hoo eventually chose to return to his batting form. Lee Jung-hoo, who found his original form, showed off his top-notch skills with a batting average of 0.318 on-base percentage of 0.406 slugging percentage of 0.455. Lee Jung-hoo would have set a better record if he had not been on the operating table due to an ankle injury in August.

Lee Jung-hoo, who had an exclusive interview with Spotify News, candidly confessed about the situation at the time. “The batting form change was too focused on preparing for the Major League. However, what I’m playing in this year is the KBO League, and I really wanted to do better this year. Originally, I thought I could do better with my batting form, but I thought I had to make a change at least once. However, I kept missing that timing. I thought this was the timing. I thought, ‘Since it peaked in 2022, can I change my form?’ and I thought it would work out well. And in reality, it worked out well until the WBC. However, when we didn’t get it right little by little in the regular season of the KBO League, I think I was also shaken up at that time. Because we keep not getting hit well. So I actually thought, ‘What if I didn’t get the right batting form? Did he still do this to me?’ So I thought again at that time. ‘Oh, then let’s just hit as I was hitting. If I do that and don’t work out, I’m really bad, and if I hit as I used to, my mechanism that I originally had is right, so I have more confidence in myself.’ I don’t regret it. It was my choice and I learned a lot of good things from it.” This time served as a time for Lee Jung-hoo to increase his confidence in himself. 랭크카지노

“But I was really sorry. My team’s performance is not good, but my performance is not good, either.” Some say, “The team needs to do well to be strong. It’s my job to do well for the team and play baseball as a baseball player,” he said, expressing deep regret to the Kiwoom Heroes. I was able to get a glimpse of Lee Jung-hoo’s spirit of team play.

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